Microsoft Brings Bonnaroo to Xbox


Microsoft has made another decisive move in the console wars. Today, Microsoft has announced a partnership with Superfly that will bring a music festival to the Xbox console, available on both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360.

The Bonnaroo music festival is scheduled for Manchester, Tennessee, for June 12 – 15. Microsoft plans on providing live streaming video of the festival. Exactly what concerts will be shown are still unknown; however, Microsoft has promised that the interactive event will be like no other. It is guaranteed to excite and entertain Xbox users.

This partnership between Microsoft and Superfly will provide users with access that has never been available in the past. The biggest stars and names at the show will be presented in high definition, streaming video. Microsoft plans to have multiple streams going at once to enhance the viewing pleasure and allow for more artists and bands to be watched. They also hope that by tailoring these streams to encompass several different genres they will appeal to all Xbox users who are interested in the show. In addition, there will be opportunities for those who are watching to interact with each other through the console’s many social facets.

Microsoft has brought Bonnaroo to the Xbox in the latest attempt to beat out Sony in the brutal console wars. The Bonnaroo festival is an excellent way to reward Xbox users who have completely given their online entertainment needs over to Microsoft. In previous years, Ustream and YouTube have been the main sites where interested viewers could see parts of the very popular music festival. Now that Microsoft owns the exclusive rights to this year’s broadcast, they are expected to reach more fans than ever before.

This year’s lineup for the Bonnaroo music festival will be announced on February 19. Called the “announcement megathon,” the lineup show will feature several performances to entice fans to watch. Comedian Hannibal Buress and Taran Killam will make the audience leave in stitches with their unique brand of comedy. Later, groups like the Flaming Lips will bring it home with their own show stopping extravaganza. The “announcement megathon” will also be available on Xbox using the new Bonnaroo app. Those who wish to receive hints on the festival’s line up prior to the lineup announcement can do so by tracking Bonnaroo on instagram. Every year, the site leaks vague hints to tantalize viewers and help the clever ones figure out some of the big name performers.

The Bonnaroo festival is making its thirteenth appearance at a little farm house outside of Manchester. It is expected to draw upwards of 80,000 people to the four day music super jam. The festival will feature 13 stages and what will sure to be a line up full of big name draws and rocking performers. By bringing Bonnaroo to the Xbox console, Microsoft hopes to draw the biggest audience the festival has seen to date. Sony, meanwhile, must sit back and lick their wounds. Unfortunately for them, this latest power move by Microsoft is sure to steal the show. So get ready Xbox users. Grab the refreshments, pick a seat on the couch, and be glad that though hundreds of thousands of people may see the same thing you do, your experience is a concert build just for one.

By Chris Chisam


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