Zimmerman Versus Black History Month


In 1926, historical African-American figure Carter G. Woodson established the antecedent to Black History Month known as Negro History Week. Woodson is cited saying that he initially created the week in hopes that it would grow into a month and even further into an annual appreciation for the contributions and significance of the lineage of the African persons.

Despite the originally purpose of establishing the week, and latter month of appreciation, most blacks in America still seem to lack the gratitude for the time by commonly exalting the period with significant pictures of African peoples and figures captioned with degrading comments condescendingly joking at the expense of their own race. Approximately a week into “Black History Month,” the controversial George Zimmerman is gaining another altitude of infamy, with plans of a Celebrity Boxing match where Zimmerman is set up versus one of a host of representatives of the black race, from well-known rappers DMX to the Game, in spite of the notorious Trayvon Martin case acquittal.

Recently the NYC based Hip-Hop radio station, Hot97 Morning Show, had a call-in interview with the supposed fight promoter Damon Feldman; where hosts Peter Rosenberg and Juan Epstein express their personal discontents with the promoter’s capitalist-minded agenda towards the still tense headline Zimmerman and the growing animosity within the black community here in America. During the short-lived Black History Month, the debated Zimmerman versus whoever his opponent maybe has been accepted in Zimmerman’s corner. A large majority of editorials have already paired rapper DMX against the acquitted as both DMX and The Game have openly expressed their willingness to step into the ring in hopes of gaining some honor for the slain teenager amongst the community.

A contrasting argument exist within the African-American community that argues against the upholding of Zimmerman as a celebrity stating that his wealth of recognition is all garnered at the expense of Martin’s young life. Some argue that the only worthy opponent is Trayvon’s father, Tracy Martin; but none of the Martin family has openly spoken out about the developing headline bout. Many people fear that the event will become nothing more that a spectacle at the expense of the Martin family, also allowing the promoter and Zimmerman to earn a hefty income from the event. CNN recently interviewed DMX, who said that whatever prize wagered, if won would be donated to a charitable organization. Zimmerman’s notoriety has helped him garner over $200,000 towards his defense expenses.

In other news, Time US reports that a California school apologizes for its “Black History Month” lunch menu, which consisted of fried chicken and watermelon. Carondelet Private Christian School for girls has received waves of criticism for hosting a lunch menu that a number of people find offensive. NBC Bay Area reports that Principal Nancy Libby held and assembly and issued a formal apology letter to the parents on Wednesday for the menu.

In light of Zimmerman and the seemingly non-debatable inequity versus the single month in history where blacks are to seek pride in challenging the society towards universal civil liberties, the direct inconsiderable supremacist actions seems to dilute the American system. While Black History Month was once supposed to be a time of recollection on the plight of the African people to a point of respect and significance in American History as a time when the country overcame the barbaric racial inequity and tribulations that held the country back, it has seemingly become nothing more than another month in American history where the times seem to remain the same with societal imbalances that have been evident since prior to slavery.

Editorial By Michael Augustine

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  1. Judy   February 8, 2014 at 9:52 pm

    Black people in the US constantly prove through their politics that they just cannot handle living in a Democracy, or be anything but socialists feeding off of other people’s money and resources. They are also chronic, genetic liars….and thus just cannot face reality or stop being anything but perceiving themselves as victims.

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