Mila Kunis Ashton Kutcher Engaged: a ’70s Show Reunion

Mila Kunis Ashton Kutcher Engaged: a '70s Show Reunion

Mila Kunis Ashton Kutcher Engaged: a '70s Show Reunion

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher dated each other as their That ’70s Show characters back in the day before Demi Moore even knew who Kutcher was and now that Kutcher’s divorce is settled the two have gotten engaged, it sort of feels like a ’70s Show reunion, sans Fez of course. Last year the Guardian Liberty Voice carried the story of Mila Kunis shopping with mother Kutcher for Thanksgiving dinner. The two were an “official” couple except for that all important ring. The 30 year-old actress stepped out on Thursday sporting a huge diamond ring on another shopping trip, but this time not with Ashton’s mother, Kunis was out and about with her own mother.

The sight of the sparkling diamond ring on Mila’s finger is not the only proof that the 36 year-old former husband of Demi Moore popped the question that came along with that expensive piece of jewelry. A source close to the couple confirmed to Us Weekly that they are engaged and that Mila is just “crazy about” Kutcher. According to other sources the two have been talking marriage and children for some time.

These sources appeared to be proven correct when Mila stepped out on Feb. 27 dressed in jeans, a baggy sweater and that big diamond ring. Speaking of that baggy sweater and shopping; when Kunis went shopping with Aston’s mother November last year, her top was pretty baggy back then as well. It looks like the former That ’70s Show actress may have gotten a head start with the children portion of the plans that she and her fiancee have been talking about for so long.

These two actors were a brilliant match in the television show, although, their characters fought more often than not their chemistry worked really well on-screen. Off screen the two dated different people and ultimately Mila wound up with Macauley Culkin and Ashton with the former Mrs. Bruce Willis. The two “long-time-waiting” lovers both left their previous partners around the same time. Of course Kutcher had preempted his split with Demi by fooling around in San Diego.

This ’70s Show rematch between Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher began in 2010, not long after the Punk’d star had his fling with Sara Leal and the Blood Ties star got together with her old co-star on a more full time basis. The two started “formally” dating April 2012 and one year later they took a long European trip together. In September 2013 Kunis was seen wearing a gold band which sparked rumors that the two were possibly engaged already.

The news now is that Mila and Ashton are cohabiting in a $10.8 million mansion where the couple spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking things up. The Two and a Half Men star is said to be very happy and he feels like he’s with the right woman at last. Mila seems to agree since she posted an Instagram picture of her and Ashton with the caption that said she loved @kutcher78. Neither Kutcher nor Kunis have made a formal statement about this ’70s Show reunion and their reps have been very quiet as well. Regardless of the lack of confirmation; that ring and that baggy sweater speaks volumes for the silent couple.

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