Miley Cyrus BANGERZ Tour Proves She Knows What She Is Doing

Miley Cyrus

The “Wrecking Ball” singer officially launched her world tour last night in Vancouver, British Columbia to support her album, BANGERZ, which was released late last year. From all the reports of what to expect in the coming shows, it seems that Miley Cyrus’s BANGERZ Tour has been perfectly formulated to give everybody exactly what they want, proving that she knows exactly what she is doing. This is no downward spiral à la Justin Bieber, this is a highly calculated, brilliant media ploy that hits all the right spots.

From the moment the show begins, Miley Cyrus presents a perfect parody of herself, slipping and sliding down a giant inflatable tongue that has burst forth from a screen showing her face, mouth open, eyes rolling and winking. Ever since her performance at the VMAs with Robin Thicke last year, she’s been goaded incessantly for constantly letting her tongue loll out of her mouth, echoing the famous Rolling Stones symbol, and it has become somewhat of a signature move for her.

No expense was spared for the tour. Miley Cyrus makes several wardrobe changes throughout the show, coming out with a new designer getup each time; names such as Jeremy Scott and Marc Jacobs designed signature pieces specifically for this tour, and some vintage pieces were also worn.

There was no shortage of gold, either. The singer, clad in a sparkling marijuana-leaf patterned  leotard and a miniature silver backpack, rapped the lyrics to “Love Money Party” while lounging on top of a gilded Rolls Royce that rolled slowly down the length of the stage. All this while 24-carat gold sheets of Miley Cyrus-brand rolling papers were being sold at the merch table for $40 a pack.

As to be expected, Miley Cyrus’s backup dancers are dressed ridiculously throughout the first portion of her set. The costumes range from a giant joint and lighters to brightly coloured animal costumes.

Everything on this tour is perfectly formulated to make people talk, and talk they will! Throughout the entire duration of the BANGERZ Tour, Miley Cyrus’s name will surely be on the lips and fingertips of people around the world, proving to everyone that she knows exactly what she is doing. Of course, the performance would not be complete without the infamous foam finger that many will recall from the VMAs. Cyrus also revives some of her more controversial moves from that performance, such as slapping one of her dancers on the butt, and some looks from other past performances.

The second half of her set is the much anticipated acoustic set, wherein she performs several of her own songs as well as rearranged covers. One of which is a track from her famous godmother, Dolly Parton, that Miley Cyrus has been known to perform, “Jolene.”

And among all of this ridiculousness of the first half of the show, the central feature of the entire show was her voice. Miley Cyrus and her team have formulated this show to reflect exactly what they have found gets people talking without sacrificing her integrity as a vocalist, proving with the BANGERZ Tour that she really knows what she’s doing. The tour will continue with 37 more stops around the world, the final date being her Copenhagen show on June 4.

Editorial by Robin Syrenne


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