Miley Cyrus Sex and the Single S**t

Miley Cyrus Sex and the Single S**t

What better place to publish an interview, with many racy photographs, than the American Fashion Magazine W which features Cyrus on the cover naked, as well as inside, where the former Hannah Montana talks about sex, drugs, fashion, getting naked and the joys of being single and s**t. Although to be completely honest, Cyrus says the S-word quite a lot in the interview, and that word is not stoned either, although she does manage to talk about that subject a few times.

Of course the S-word could be “sketch,” which the 21 year-old singer/actress claims all her friends call her. It apparently means being not telling anyone anything. Something that she is not guilty of in this particular interview. Cyrus is letting it all hang out; in more ways than just verbally. The ex Disney channel kid star has grown into a foul mouthed hoyden who cannot wait to get her clothes off; mainly, Cyrus says, because she used to go barefoot when she was a child.

Parents should immediately check to make sure their youngster’s are well shod at all times unless the little one can sing. Southern footwear issues aside, the interview deals with Miley’s newest image of herself. Not just a potty mouthed individualist, but, someone who feels very close to “punk rock” and its “I don’t care what anyone thinks” attitude. Very commendable.


In the W magazine interview, done by none other than female rights advocate Ronan Farrow, Miley Cyrus talks sex, being single and admiring “punk-rock s**t.” The Bangerz singer claims that she does not need a man to make her complete, at least that is what she seems to be saying. At one point in the process she states that she doesn’t leave her house because she’s got, like, this “huge-a**” television and good food so why go out. Sounds like she may not care too much about her current svelte figure staying that way.

Miley Cyrus Sex and the Single S**t
Miley’s new look?

That may explain why Cyrus opted to go naked, again, on the cover and in the photo shoot. While Miley certainly has been showing as much of her young body as possible this picture spread is a trifle confusing. In all of the singer’s previous public exhibitionism she managed to look like herself, with just a lot more showing than usual.

In Wrecking Ball sporting her “punk-hairdo” and wearing Doc Martins and using a wrecking ball to cover her blushes she looked like Miley Cyrus; a more grownup and less dressed version of the Hannah Montana girl who was never going back to those halcyon Disney days. In Adore You she wears a little bit more in the wardrobe department, but, manages to show off her erect nipples through a transparent bra and “masturbates” for the camera. More Jenna Jameson than Hannah Montana to be sure but still undeniably Miley.

In both of these “baring” moments she still looked like the Cyrus everyone recognized. So why in the world has the singer opted for the Lady Gaga look? Cyrus has gone for a “duck-lipped pout,” straggly hair that could be blonde and wearing styles that would not look out of place on Gaga? She does manage to show off the edge of one nipple in a couple of shots that do look like that were mistakenly put in from Mother Monster’s portfolio.

In essence, it seems that Miley Cyrus is intent on changing her image once again. Her interview is sprinkled with profanity, f**k, s**t and other equally “profound” utterances are shotgunned throughout the entire interview. She talks about empowerment, being single, getting stoned and not living up to the Disney dream of a multicolored – spelt multiracial – stage show. Cyrus does not care what anyone has to say about her new “bad” image. Her response to the bad Bangerz tour press? “I don’t give a s**t.” That’s Cyrus all right, bad to the bone and trying to be sexy with it, even if she does seem to copy Lady Gaga in her latest photo shoot.

By Michael Smith