Miley Cyrus Nude on Cover of W Magazine

Miley Cyrus Nude on Cover of W Magazine

Miley Cyrus has stripped naked again, appearing nude on the cover of March issue of W magazine, with just a strategically placed white pillow to conceal her natural attributes. She also has bleached eyebrows. Miley has had them in past photo shoots, but who, really, is concentrating on her eyebrows when they look at this photo?

In the interview written by Ronan Farrow in W that goes with the cover, Miley Cyrus, 21, discusses many topics, like sexuality, style, how she feels about kids, and her opinion about the legalization of pot.

On the subject of fashion, for instance, Miley says that too many of the women or young girls she knows in the industry “seems like Vanna White.” She tells them that wearing makeup and having blond hair isn’t that important. She says it’s more important to have your own “personal style.”

In the interview, Miley Cyrus also says that three of the women who have inspired her are Joan Jett, Blondie, and Madonna, and she says that there are a lot of people that she knows and hangs out with, but mentions that she has “very few friends.”  Miley Cyrus Nude on Cover of W Magazine

On the subject of the legalization of marijuana, Miley Cyrus is fairly clear that as long as it’s “organic, good weed” she’s up for that.

On her upcoming Bangerz tour, Miley Cyrus commented, obliquely referring back to the days when she played Hannah Montana, said that she’s “not Disney,” and that she’s not making any kind of statement.”

Miley has this to say to all of the haters out there, that “they’re just jealous of what you have.”

On relationships, Wrecking Ball singer Miley Cyrus said in the interview that she’s “not trying to jump into a relationship” and that music is taking over that particular role in her life right now. According to Miley, “that has become my other half – rather than another person.”

On the subject of children, Miley Cyrus said that she’s not a fan of them and doesn’t “love” them. She thinks that the reason might be because she had to be around so many kids when she worked on the Hannah Montana show. She also doesn’t like how she sees kids talking back to their parents, calling them “f—ing mean.”

Miley Cyrus has been, at various times in her career, both a darling of the media and the object of intense criticism. She’s masterfully used the media to ensure that, love her or hate her, the public will read about her and make her even richer than she already is, propelling her albums to the top of the charts.

Already, at this stage of Miley’s young career, she says in the interview that she doesn’t really care what the critics say, because “I’ve made my money.” She aspires to be like Dolly Parton, still being involved in the music industry at the age of 75, just doing it because she loves to do it.

Miley Cyrus is nude on the cover of W magazine, but she seems to be suggesting in the interview within that it’s no longer because of the need to get her name and music noticed. She’s been there and done that. She states in the interview that “If no one buys my album, cool.”

Like that’s going to happen. Miley Cyrus may have gotten at least some of her fans because of her VMA performance, twerking onstage with Robin Thicke. She may have gotten some doing things like singing onstage with little people, or CGI images of cute alien kittens who sing along with her. But, she’s kept the fans she has and gained more because of she’s a talented singer who has come up with some very catchy lyrics. Miley Cyrus will likely be around for a long time to come, still churning out hit songs years from now.

Written by: Douglas Cobb


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