Milk Could Be Too Dangerous to Drink

Milk Could Be Too Dangerous To Drink

Milk just might be dangerous to drink. When someone wonders what is in a glass of milk, he or she expects to hear the usual ingredients of calcium, protein, both vitamins A and D and also other nutrients in which individuals have grown to believe are healthy for the human body. Actually, milk also has acid animal protein that takes calcium from bones, hormones, feces, pus cells, antibiotics and much needless fat, calories and cholesterol. These all end up causing an improper balance inside the human body.

Humans are the only group of beings who continue to ingest milk after passing through infancy and the only class that drinks milk from some other type animal. Milk from cows were not made for humans to drink. Calves are almost 100 pounds at the time they are born and about 10 times heavier than that when they are weaned. Human milk is very different in structure from any type of mammal’s milk. A cow’s milk has about three times the amount of protein that human milk contains, which can create metabolic disorders in human beings.

Milk is some sort of sensation. Celebrities are seen with white milk mustaches in those ads and totally dramatize the beverage. Numerous recent scientific studies have shown a variety of damaging effects which are directly connected to drinking milk. Undeniably, the major irony of all is that milk is now believed to cause calcium loss from human’s bones.

It is believed that when people ingest any kind of animal derived, protein rich food, which includes milk, the pH inside human bodies becomes more acidified, and this begins a biological reaction. Calcium actually deactivates acid inside the body, and most of the calcium is stored up inside bones. When acidified animal protein is taken in, the calcium that is inside bones comes out to counteract the effects of the contaminated animal protein. When the calcium has done its job, it is then expelled through the kidneys as urine, and so it can lead to a calcium insufficiency. This is a main reason why osteoporosis has become such a large medical problem in the United States. Asian and European countries have much lower osteoporotic bone fractures when compared to the U.S., even though they drink a lot less milk.

It has also been found that pasteurization of milk hurts the proteins so that makes it even harder for human bodies to digest. Also, pasteurization kills a majority of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. These vital enzymes are needed for the digestion process. About 75 percent of the population of Earth is actually lactose intolerant. Although this number sounds astounding, it is only further proof that that humans were not meant to drink cow’s milk.

Milk is also inflammatory and mucus producing and increases the risks of allergies and respiratory conditions. It has been connected to the increase of arthritis due to inflamed joints. However, not all dairy is considered bad for the body. Items such as cultured, unsweetened or fermented like yogurt are acid neutral. Anything that contains sugar or artificial sweeteners are unhealthy for the body.

Items such as milk substitutes are acceptable. Almond, soy, rice, coconut and hemp milks all can be ingested. If one wants to drink soy milk, be sure that it is non-GMO. Also make sure to avoid any artificially sweetened milk substitutes because they are also not healthy for humans and could lead to medical problems later on. Milk is definitely something that could be too dangerous to drink.

By Kimberly Ruble


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