PlayStation 4 Ready for Square Enix’s Mystery Game Murdered: Soul Suspect [Video]

Square Enix and Airtight games Murdered Soul Suspect on playstation 4 and xbox one

Murdered: Soul Suspect, the new Square Enix / Airtight Games release is headed to both next-gen consoles the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. The mysterious ghost game has you playing a detective that must solve his own death and will not only be arriving on new consoles but also the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC too. Along with the news of new systems, a release date for Murdered: Soul Suspect was announced, June 2014.

Ronan O’Connor is a detective that finds himself unable to pass on and continues where he left off, solving crimes and hunting down mysteries as a ghost. The story sounds a bit like Die Hard if the Bruce Willis had died, but continued with the movie regardless. The theme is a rare one in video games and has the possibility to combine mystery with action and horror; certainly a unique combination.

Airtight Games struggled a bit with the release of Dark Void but found success working with Square Enix and releasing Quantum Conundrum. Since then they’ve been working on games for the mobile market which means that Murdered: Soul Suspect represents Airtight Games getting back into the world of console games and they are doing it in a big way, going to all seven-generation and eighth-generation consoles (minus the Wii and Wii U).

Multiple trailers have been released to show off the capabilities of Murdered: Soul Suspect on multiple consoles. Here is the newest trailer released to specifically for the PlayStation 4.

Major Nelson spent some time talking to Airtight games about the new release coming to the Xbox One. In this trailer the developers spend some time discussing the intricacies of the future title. The video shows off some of the abilities Ronan gains in his ghostly presence. The team tried to give the player the power to learn new things about each situation that they wouldn’t be able to necessarily discover on their own.

The world of Murdered: Soul Suspect  is one that developers hope gamers can get lost in. Aside from working on the mystery of his own death, Ronan O’Connor can also explore the sidequests of the world and help others as well. The overall situation here is one full of potential. Seeing as both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are new consoles they can use all the games possible to boost their library size. The games expected to come to next-gen consoles are more embedded in the shooter genre than the mystery genre. Murdered: Soul Suspect is aiming to be a game set apart from most, blending multiple genres together for a narrative dressed in new colors. The exact release date is not known for any console but June 2014 is what has been currently announced.

Square Enix and Airtight Games are planning to release Murdered: Soul Suspect for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC in June of 2014. The unique detective ghost game certainly looks like a gaming experience different from most. Hopefully this title will lead the way for new creative releases that also wish to make it to newer and older consoles.

By Garrett Jutte

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