Minecraft Movie Questions Fans Want Answered

MinecraftMinecraft fans have questions they want answered about the recently announced movie adaptation of one of the world’s most popular open world video games. The announcement, recently tweeted by the game’s creator Markus Perrson, aka Notch, has sent many of the 100 million Minecraft gamers worldwide into a block-breaking-diamond-hunting spin as they look for answers to their many questions. So far, all fans know is that the movie will be produced by Roy Lee, The Lego Movie producer, a reassuring move ensuring the project is in the safest of hands. Fans also know that Lee will be joined by Jill Mensh, the executive producer of Meangirls . But apart from that, no other information has been released, leaving a whole host of questions Minecraft fans are eager to have answered.

First up is the question of how the movie will work as a live action one? An interesting move considering the 8 bit animation of the game, an integral part of its charm. An animated movie would be more faithful to the look and feel of the game and would appear to be a safer bet for the movie’s success. However, if anyone is going to be able to make a gamble like a  Minecraft live action movie pay off, it is going to be Roy Lee. He knows quite a bit about how to turn a game about building objects out of blocks into a success; The Lego movie is number 1 at the US Box office, grossing $31.3 million, since its release nearly 3 weeks ago.

Another question Minecraft fans want answered about the movie is who the director and the actors will be. Fans will be hoping for an experienced and acclaimed action movie director at the helm such as Christopher Nolan of Inception and The Dark Knight rises fame or Simon West, director of the  $274.7 million grossing video game adaption Lara Croft:Tomb Raider, And who will the chosen director be directing?  Will it be Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie or new faces playing the teleporting, block picking Endermans, the snake-like Creepers and the moaning Zombies? Also, Minecraft gamers design their own heroes and heroines so who will the movie’s protagonists be? And who will play them?

The plot is also going to be the subject of questions in Minecraft discussion forums. The video game itself does not have a plot, gamers play in survival or creative mode, smash blocks, create tools and then build anything from furniture to spaceships in a variety of worlds while making sure to sleep, eat, kill monsters and not be killed. No doubt the plot will have conflict between the heroes and monsters but what the hero or heroes, the game can be played in single player or team mode-quest will be is a mystery, and the opportunities for the scriptwriters are excitingly open. Opportunities the writers will need to take with the greatest care to satisfy the cult following this once independent project turned global commercial phenomenon has amassed.

Minecraft’s  following may have questions they want answered about the movie but they will have to hold their breath. With the announcement still fresh, answers might be some time coming. Considering the team behind the project, though, that wait looks likely to be worth it and the answers should be the right ones.  While Warner Bros, the studio behind the movie, will have their work cut out if they want to draw fans away from the screens of their gaming devices to those in movie theaters, they certainly have the tools to do it and provide the 100 million Minecraft gamers with the right answer to their most pertinent question; whether the movie will be as captivating and worthy of a cult following as the game.

Commentary by Christian Deverille


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