‘Minecraft’ to Become a Movie

MinecraftThe hit video game Minecraft is to become a movie. The news broke just after Warner Bros. acquired the rights to create the motion picture.

The game is very simple, in the sense it involves placing blocks to create everything. The blocks are very much like Lego, but a computer generated version. That may explain why Lego Movie producers, Roy Lee is reportedly producing this new movie. Lee will be joined by Mean Girls producer, Jill Messick.

There are two ways of playing Minecraft. The first is in the “creative mode,” where users learn more about the area. They can work with their friends, and learn how to make a shelter, create tools and hunt for food. It is not possible to die in this mode, and gamers can even fly.

The “survival mode” is where the more active parts of the game are. This is one-player only, and for the gamer to stay alive in a world that is overrun by monsters. The “survival mode” was the initial reason for the game to be made, but it has quickly become something similar to The Sims and Second Life, where people go to create things and use their imagination.

There are different ways of playing the game. The PC version was the first, but it is now available on the Xbox and Playstation. Just recently, the game reached a milestone of 100 million registered users on the PC version, according to Markus “Notch” Persson, creator of the game on Twitter. That was released just before the announcement that Minecraft would become a movie.

Deadline, the popular film blog, was the first to release the news about the new movie. It shared that the storyline was already in the planning stages, but there is currently no release date confirmation. There is no storyline within the actual game, so this will be created by the producers and writers. The game storyline is whatever individual users make it.

The game has become popular because of its ability to teach children. In fact, some teachers are now using it to help teach their children about urban planning and mechanics. It was originally released in beta version in 2009 to selected invited gamers. The game was not finished at the time of release, which meant the gamers had the chance to help with the final developments much more than they had with previous games they tested. Beta testing is usually the final stage to fix the tiny bugs and report user feedback that alpha testing has been unable to pick up.

It was just a few weeks ago that a Kickstarter project for creating a Minecraft movie had to be stopped. Fans wanted to raise $600,000 to create their own movie, but Persson had it closed down because it was not a deal he had arranged with the fans.

The Lego Movie has only been out for three weeks and is already grossing $280.5 million globally. While Lego has been around for decades unlike Minecraft, Persson and Warner Bros. hope that it will become another highly successful movie.

By Alexandria Ingham



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