Moon Getting Japanese Sports Drink

The moon’s craters might be getting a sugary surprise in October 2015 after a moon company based in Pittsburgh called Astrobotic Technology Inc. decided to send a time capsule with the Japanese sports drink Pocari Sweat to the moon. Pocari Sweat will be the first sports drink to land on the moon. The sports drink is popular throughout Japan and acts as a replenishment for water and electrolytes that can be lost when a person perspires.

John Thorton, the CEO of Astrobotic Technology, Inc, said that the company is thrilled that the drink company, Astroscale, chose them to fly the drink to the moon. He anticipates this will be one of many payloads that they will sign in the next couple months. Astrobotic will send the drink in the Lunar Dream time capsule in their Griffin lander once it reaches the Lacus Mortis region of the moon. The sports drink was not the only item that was sent into space.

Two golden records were sent on the Voyager One and Two. The records contained images and sounds of the Earth that will outlive humanity. The sounds ranged from greetings in 55 languages to music ranging from Mozart to Chuck Berry. The record also contained 116 images along with an instruction manual and a stylus for playing back the record. The record was encased in an aluminum canister that was electroplated with Uranium 238, which could be used by aliens to learn the date it was manufactured by half-life decay. Another item that was sent to space was Lego mini-figurines of Galileo and Roman deities Jupiter and Juno. The figurines were sent in 2011 on the Juno spacecraft that was headed to Jupiter. Even though Lego has sent things to space before, they said these figurines were the most distinct Lego launch ever. The figurines and the shuttle will burn up in Jupiter’s atmosphere when the mission ends on October 2017.

A haiku also traveled to space on the MAVEN spacecraft that launched last year. The haiku was written by space fans and placed on a DVD that was attached to the spacecraft. More than 12, 530 entries were received and 1, 100 were chosen by the required two votes. The MAVEN spacecraft will reach orbit around Mars on October 2014. Aside from the moon getting a Japanese sports drink, another food was launched into space. A wheel of cheese rode along on the Dragon space capsule during the SpaceX maiden flight on Dec. 8, 2011. Elon Musk, the SpaceX CEO, chose the cheese as a nod to a Monty Python sketch.

Pocari Sweat, a Japanese sports drink, will follow in the footsteps of Legos and a cheese wheel when it is launched into space in the Lunar Dream time capsule in the Griffin spacecraft that is headed to the moon. Thornton said he is thrilled that the drink company chose his company to fly the drink to the moon. Space has also received other items such as a gold record with various images and sounds on it as well as the ashes of actor James Doohan who played Scotty on Star Trek. The moon will be getting its Japanese sports drink during the lunar mission on October 2015.

By Jordan Bonte


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