Moschino Show Mingles McFashion With Fast Food and Cartoons

Moschino Show Mingles McFashion with Fast Food and Cartoons  Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz tour American designer Jeremy Scott took his first collection for Moschino to Milan this week and went eye-gogglingly yellow with SpongeBob Squarepants outfits. This raised speculation that Miley may appear in a SpongeBob costume sometime on her tour, maybe the giant padded coat with pajamas, as she does love an eye-catching look, even if it is as an over ripe surprised cartoon banana.

Scott had also overloaded his inspirational mood-boards with McDonalds, Hershey and other top brands from popular,consumable culture. Models strutted the catwalk dressed like workers in the ubiquitous burger chain, and undeniably brought the flavor of American life to the Italian fashion capital. To be fair the cut of the suits did owe more to Chanel than the usual nylon overalls, but they were in the unmistakable bold primary colors.  The golden arches were featured slightly bent into the M logo for Moschino in a look some critics quickly dubbed McShino.

A puffy ballgown was covered in Froot Loops, a wedding dress in printed nutritional advice and another frothy gown in Budweiser beer branding.  Sliced cheese did not miss out, it featured on some of the digital prints. Accessories included popcorn bags, a phone case shaped like a bag of fries and heart-shaped Golden Arches glasses.

This was a bold strike for American food and drink preferences in a country that prides itself on its exceptional national cuisine. Opposition to McDonalds in Rome was so strong that they only opened their first branch just 25 years ago. The protest gave rise to what is still known, and thriving, as the Slow Food Movement.  In the eventual iconic location, close to the Spanish Steps, the venue had to be utterly preserved, and thus features amazing frescoes, marble walls, fountains and mosaics. It is possibly the most beautiful burger joint in the world. Tourists should note that it remains more expensive to eat in there than in a nearby local trattoria.

Among the big stars who walked on for Scott in Milan were singers Rita Ora and Katy Perry. Rita loved the food packaging information wedding dress so much that she tweeted she wanted to walk down the aisle in it. Maybe she was dropping a hint to her boyfriend, Calvin Harris?

Moschino Show Mingles McFashion with Fast Food and Cartoons
Rita’s dream dress

Katy held up proceedings by arriving almost an hour late, and was given a hostile reception by the photographers. She was not the only one with a busy schedule.  The hostile snappers actually booed her, which may be why her turn down the stage was deemed a bit stiff and awkward.

So is Jeremy Scott the new fashion genius or is he as loopy as a bowl of  Froot Loops? The cartoon inspired couture is having a divisive effect on the fashion world. None can deny that it is bright, playful and colorful. Whether or not “real women” would actually wear it is not much of a consideration, although some have expressed immediate cravings for a soda-pop purse. One blogger called the collection “overt, tacky and kitschy” and while that can be a compliment among fashionistas, it wasn’t in this case.Moschino Show Mingles McFashion with Fast Food and Cartoons

Moschino was always known to be provocative, but are these costumes in his name just too garish? Of course the prices will be far higher than a months worth of Happy Meals, even for a SpongeBob sweatshirt.  Others have said the Scott is not for the “informed fashion connoisseur.” His clothing is targeted at young pop stars and this is why is it truly fashion’s equivalent of junk food.  It is true to say that the youngsters are “lovin’ it.” For the rest of us, perhaps we will stick to our Hershey bars and Froot Loops in edible, not wearable, form.

When it comes to high-price fashion, maybe fast food and cartoons are not what immediately spring to mind. Except if you happen to be the creative force behind the global fashion superbrand, Moschino.

By Kate Henderson


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