Mother of Brain-Dead Jahi McMath Pens Open Letter

Brain-Dead teen's mother issues update in an open letterThe mother of brain-dead Jahi McMath penned open letter about her daughter’s current condition. Nailah Winkfield wrote the public update on the Facebook page dedicated to her daughter. When her daughter was deemed brain-dead the Facebook page titled, “Keep Jahi McMath on life support” was created in order to gain support from the public.

McMath is the California teen who suffered complications after received surgery to have her tonsils and adenoids removed. The child’s condition went viral when the hospital refused to treat the child or keep her alive on life support after she was legally declared brain-dead.

Winkfield wrote in the letter that her daughter is doing much better physically since her departure from Children’s Hospital. She says she sees changes that continuously give her hope. Although it’s been at least a month since she has shared her life and her daughter’s to anyone outside of her direct circle, many people have continuously inquired about Jahi’s condition and asked whether she was still alive.

The teen’s mother said this is and has been an unbelievably hard time for the family and more importantly for her as Jahi’s mother. For safety reasons and privacy concerns she made the decision after her daughter’s transfer to fall back from the public eye. Winkfield decided it is much more important to focus on her daughter and her role as the teen’s mother.

Winkfield said she has not been alone during this time; instead she has been surrounded, not only by a few close friends and family, but by the support, love and prayers of so many kind-hearted people. She is well aware of the thoughts of some who feel she is ignorant not to grasp the reality that her daughter is dead but says she still has hope of the contrary.

Jahi’s mother informed supporters during prayer she felt the need to express publicly how grateful she truly is for the support and love that she and her daughter have received from people all around the globe. Winkfield says she feels all of the support and prayers. She knows people are concerned and she wants to let them know that her child is not suffering, Jahi is surrounded by love.

If it had not been for the unselfish generosity of everyone near and far she would not have been able to move her daughter from Children’s Hospital in Oakwood before they could stop her heart by removing her from the ventilator. Although she was afraid of what could happen, she knows that alone was a miracle. Winkfield wants to ensure that all supporters know that every contribution received has been used toward the help and progress of her daughter.

Winkfield said if it was possible she would thank each and every one personally in their native tongue so they could really understand how much she appreciates them for all they have done. She believes that her daughter is still here today because of faith in God, incredible kindness of medical professionals and the many prayers from concerned people. Winkfield says it does get hard at times but on those long and difficult days when she is feeling down she remembers all those that are praying and starts to feel better.

Winkfield thanked all who views her daughter as the sweet innocent victim that she is and not a dead corpse. She’s grateful for those who remembers how Jahi ended up in this situation and says no one should have to go through anything like that.

She is thankful for the many people who have shared with her their stories of success and even regret. Although some were heartbreaking there were also those that have given her hope. The stories have helped by letting her know that she is not the only person having dealt with such tragedy. Jahi’s mother said she is praying for them just as they are and have done for her.

Winkfield said she is even thankful for the people who went public with their negative opinions, because all of the opinions, both positive and negative, helped bring awareness to her daughter’s experience. Not only does the name Jahi literally mean, “One who is known by many” but because of so many comments and expressions Jahi McMath is known all over the world. She said it is her prayer that Jahi has changed the way brain death is viewed in society and she believes her daughter has already done that.

Winkfield concluded her open letter saying thank you and may God bless everyone who has shown love and compassion or even contempt during this difficult time. She said everyone deserves the grace and love of God. Jahi’s mother asked those who believe in prayer to keep praying; she says God can overcome all things and that his will has not been fully revealed yet. Winkfield says she loves her daughter and wherever love is there is also hope.

Jahi McMath was declared brain-dead on December 12, 2013, just three days after she received a tonsillectomy. The 13-year-old’s family refused to succumb to the doctor’s resolution and fought to keep the teen on life support.

Nailah Winkfield, the teen’s mother, took to Jahi’s public Facebook page to pen an open letter of appreciation while updating supporters on the status of Jahi’s current condition.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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2 Responses to "Mother of Brain-Dead Jahi McMath Pens Open Letter"

  1. Nelly   February 28, 2014 at 11:02 am

    Don’t worry Nailah. Keep believing God can do miracles. Like you said He has not revealed His will yet. He is the one who gives life and He is the one who takes it away. But either way let it be His will because He loves you and your family. Even if it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted still praise Him. That shows your trust in Him. He knows what’s best for you!!!!

  2. Brenda   February 22, 2014 at 10:07 am

    This case is sad no matter how you look at it. I hope that a miracle does happen for the Mcmath family, they certainly have done all they could are more to help Jahi. Unfortunately, there is no recovery from whole brain death. If the physicians take her off the ventilator she will not breath, her heart will stop beating; because her brain in dead and it will not and can not restore these functions. No matter how much we want, hope and pray it will not happen. I hope that someday Jahi’s family can find peace and let her body rest. They have fought the good fight doing what the believe is in Jahi’s best interests, but it is time to let her rest. I am a mother, and I can only imagine the pain and suffering her family has been though and going though. I am very sorry for that, but when is the line going to be drawn? This child needs to be put to rest and her family needs to grief their tremendous loss and heal.


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