‘My Daughter Will Die’ Under Proposed Marijuana Laws

My Daughter Will Die Under Proposed Marijuana Laws

“My Daughter will die” under proposed marijuana laws according to Vancouver Canada citizen Cheryl Rose. Her daughter Hayley suffers from seizures, hundreds a month without treatment but roughly a dozen with three pills of ground marijuana a day. That adds up to about 40 grams a day or $200 a month. Ms. Rose has been doing this 2008, But under new federal legislation that limits the amount of plants private growers can have, as well as definitions of medical use, the cost will rise to thousands of dollars every month, a price Cheryl simply cannot afford. If the proposed laws come into effect, she will be forced to break the law or watch her daughter suffer. The thought of “my daughter will die” falling on deaf ears would no doubt sends shivers up anyones spine.

Under the current laws, Canadians with a medical marijuana prescription are able to grow a limited number of marijuana plants strictly for medical use, designate a grower, or buy it from Health Canada. There are more than 37,000 Canadians currently authorized in this way, but come April 1st they will be forced to buy from a short list of approved growers, at a sharply inflated price. Ms. Rose says that before she began growing the specialized strain known as Hayley’s Comet and administering it in capsules to Hayley she would suffer as many as 15 seizures a day, and this is the only treatment in a long line of attempts that has had any effect. Many have benefited from strains of marijuana that remove the intoxicating elements and leave the medicinal portions intact, and Hayley’s doctor has agreed that the treatment is improving her life and has given their endorsement. As it stands, unless Ms. Rose can make Ottawa lawmakers hear her cry of “my daughter will die” under proposed marijuana laws, she will have to make a very difficult decision between watching her daughter waste away or be thrown in prison.

Ms. Rose and dozens of other Canadians in similar situations are working to make their voices heard in Ottawa, and she is trying to get a foundation set up to help cover the potential costs of Hayley’s treatments should the laws be put into effect regardless of the opposition. A fundraiser is going to be held Saturday February 22nd at the Charqui Grill in Vancouver to help cover legal costs of both fighting the proposal and getting a foundation running. Federal Health Minister Rona Ambrose said in January that Health Canada does not and has never endorsed medical marijuana because further trials are needed to prove the benefits are substantial. She claims the decisions are being made for public health and safety reasons, but what more needs to be said than “my daughter will die” under proposed marijuana laws? In Hayley’s case marijuana is the only option, and if her mother and others sharing their plight cannot stop the court’s decision in the coming weeks, they will become criminals simply for trying to survive. Understandably, Ms. Rose refuses to simply let her daughter die. “Her death isn’t an option. It’s not and it’s never going to be.”

By Daniel O’Brien


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