Mysterious Sahara Desert Spiral Revealed

Mysterious Sahara Desert Spiral Revealed

The origin of the mysterious spiral that is located in the eastern Sahara desert in El Gouna, Egypt has been revealed and it was not made by aliens like so many conspiracy theorists have believed. Those individuals had been going around and misinterpreting it as some sort of landing pad for alien invaders but instead it was created by plain human beings. A team that was founded in 1995 by artists Alexandra Stratou, Danae Stratou and Stella Constantinides have taken credit for the tantalizing land art work which has the name Desert Breath.

The building of this art work stretched over 1,000,000 square meters and bordered against the Red Sea. Since then, the sand art had baffled many tourists. It was first assembled as two interconnecting spirals. There was one that had vertical cones and the other had tapering depressions on the desert floor. Desert Breath was first built with a minor lake located at the center. However current images that are up on Google Maps show the lake has disappeared.

There have been numerous outrageous theories as to what caused the spiral to appear in the desert since it first showed up back in March of 1997. Some thought that the art spiral was a gateway to some sort of alternate universe, while others claimed that it was a landing area for otherworldly spaceships. However, the reality of the creation is less convoluted and bizarre. The spiral was completed as a part of an ecological art installation that was intended to measure time and it passing away through the slowness of its breakdown, as the sand gradually blew away from it.

The art team stated that the sand project was made due to the result of mutual desires to work in the desert. They released a press statement which read that in their eyes, the desert was a place where one can experience endlessness. They wanted to address the desert as a landscape and also state of mind. The departure point of the art project was the piercing cone form and the natural development of the sand became the material to work with.

The spiral was erected by using 8,000,000 square meters of sand which was formed into both giant positive and negative hills, which then spiraled outward around a 30 meter in diameter hole which was put in the very middle. It held the lake at one time. Desert Breath was placed between a row of mountains and the sea at a point where the vastness of the sea ended up meeting the enormity of the desert. With this idea in mind, the art was supposed to function on two different levels. One was as a visual image from above and another was as a path on the level of the ground.

So the truth has been revealed about the secretive spiral that is located in the eastern Sahara desert in El Gouna, Egypt. It was not made by aliens like so many conspiracy theorists have believed but instead was created by normal human beings.

By Kimberly Ruble


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