NASA Retired Astrobiologist Confirms Alien Life Exists [Video]



Richard Hoover, a retired NASA Astrobiologist is not your average speaker at the International UFO conference. With 46 years working at NASA, and the winner of NASA’s 1992 “Inventor of the Year” award, Hoover has an extraordinary wealth of knowledge on a variety of subjects and has an international reputation for his work on diatoms. He has extensively studied microorganisms, which inhabit extreme environments through his research at NASA and the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC). And on February 13, Hoover confirmed that alien life exists, as he discovered through his work on meteorites that have previously struck Earth.

Within a video interview with Lee Speigel of the Huffington Post, Hoover has elaborated on his immense discoveries and clarifies how microorganisms from outer space exist within meteorites. Throughout his interview, Hoover refers multiple times to three meteorite crashes that have been researched and validate his claims. The first one was a meteorite crash in Alès, France in 1806. The second one came from a crash in Orgueil, France in 1864 and the last one was from a crash in Murchinson, Australia in 1969.

According to this retired NASA Astrobiologist, all three of these meteorites contain obvious remains of biological entities. This alien life has been confirmed by breaking down the meteorite, flame sterilizing it into pans with the proper tools before placing it into a field emissions scanning electron microscope. The biological remains have been clearly embedded into freshly fractured interior pieces of the meteorite and conclusively represent life.

The Skeptic and Debunker Claim

If these findings (which are not new findings by any standard) are so conclusive, then what possible claim could skeptics and debunkers have? The skeptics claim that microorganisms crawled into the meteorites after they impacted onto Earth and are therefore, terrestrial. According to Hoover, this is not the case and the only way anyone could dismiss his claims is if they either did not read his published papers, or if they read them and did not understand them.

In the most simple terms, Hoover explains that every living thing on Earth contains nitrogen. It has to have nitrogen for both the amino acids and the proteins. It also has to have nitrogen for every DNA and RNA molecule in every cell. After a living being dies, the nitrogen slowly seeps out back into the atmosphere as nitrogen gas. But this is not a fast process; it takes millions of years for this to happen. The microorganism remains contained within the meteorite do not contain any traces of nitrogen, which means that they must be millions of years old. They could not have crawled into the crashed meteorite and lost all their nitrogen within the past 200 years. It would just not be scientifically possible and therefore, the only logical explanation is that they are extraterrestrial.

In fact, Hoover is so certain about his findings that he is perfectly willing to go debate critics in an open, scientific forum. He says he would be happy to go to the Cosmos Club in Washington or any university and have an academic debate. For some reason, critics refuse to debate him in such a fashion.

NASA has previously dismissed their own retired Astrobiologists confirmations that alien life exists, although they have not given any objective reasons as to why they have chosen to reject them. In fact, the main claims made against Hoover’s findings are that the meteorites have an Earthly origin or that they became contaminated after landing, which Hoover has openly refuted with evidence-backed findings. According to Hoover, the skeptics are essentially saying “Well, none of the samples we have worked have been contaminated but all of Hoover’s have been!” The naysayers arguments, just do not contain any sustenance.

By Jonathan Holowka

Video interview between Richard Hoover and Lee Speigel
International UFO Congress

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  1. i certainly agree…but why NASA ,CIA ,FBI are still now dont sy about alien ? & its technology…flying saucer …it may possible other aliens..than really god exits or also aliens are gods.?/???

  2. So, I agree with the astrobiologists. I particularly enjoyed his video of the fossilized crinoid being deliberately ground to dust. What a perfect metaphor for scientific disinformation. Still, what is the motivation for denying life existed or exists on Mars? It hardly seems like a big deal to say there are native microbes on a planet that has water ice and liquid ice. Why the poorly concealed secret? Do they think people will flip out — a stretch, I know — or do they think it is a psychologically important milestone that would cause other secrets to unravel in a “100th monkey” sort of way?

  3. Ken Newton… thanks for posting the alternate point in the Huffington article.. gives a better balanced read overall, and should be read as well.

  4. I have in the past presented overwhelming photographic evidence of Alien existence to NASA’s James Oberg pertaining to the STS 75 Shuttle Science Tether mission 1996. James Oberg did accept and review the scientific evidence but refused to debate or discuss it without reason.
    It was clear that NASA already knew the truth but it was more important to block any discussion or academic debate from taking place. It was a certainty that the proof could not be debunked and therefore it became clear the only way NASA could block the evidence was to disallow debate.
    Only the lowest of I.Q. and illiterate low information individuals still think we are alone in the Universe. Frankly, only a fool would conclude we are the only creatures who have telescopes, send vehicles into space or have reached cognizant reasoning.

    1. You’re not seriously referring to the “Tether Incident” video that became popular on YouTube, are you? The one that has been very well debunked? It’s not even debatable anymore. The sizes, shapes, distances, optical illusion of objects appearing to be behind something when in fact are in FRONT, pulsating lights, have all been demonstrated in a very simple, easy to understand demonstration.

      Also, you’re making the common mistake of assuming that because someone doesn’t believe we’ve been visited by aliens, then that person must also believe we are completely alone in the universe. Only the “lowest of I.Q.” make those assumptions…That’s a HUGE leap, going from saying intelligent life exists elsewhere in the cosmos, to saying it has been here or is here on earth

      1. Jack, Your kidding right!! No one has debunked STS 75 Shuttle Science Tether mission UFO images, in fact they have been proven definitively. I have worked together with Optical Scientist for 12 years, some of the work was on NASA images you may have seen like Europa…. 6 Scientist and myself examined the STS 75 UFO images and found they could not be debunked, in fact all said at worst they were unexplained to likely Real Alien crafts. My Optical imaging background is extensive and have images of STS 75 UFO’s showing close ups of the exterior hull using Electron microscopic imaging process. Here is a few testimony on process used by us. ROBERT-TORRES PHOTOGRAPHIC-EXAMINATION-SPECIALIST, involved with professional photography for over 38 years. Sixteen of those years have been as a photographic examination specialist. I have some forensic background in the examination of crime scene images for some law enforcement, that has also had to stand up in a court of law. I verify, validate, the authenticity of this new imaging process. I truly feel and believe from what I have seen and witnessed, that this process of Mr. Ron S. Stewart has great potential, in yet many unrealized future applications.

        TESTING FOR A-NEW-TEXTUAL/GRAPHICS ;IMAGING-PROCESS by Marcus A. Wharton “Computer/Imaging/Graphics-Software Engineering Consultant”

        I do feel and believe from what I have witnessed and seen and have for the last two and one-half days have gone through a very intense scrutinizing of this process, in many mentally and exhaustive challenging ways, I have no doubt Mr. Stewart’s process has the universal great potential of touching just about every corner of the earth in technology that we now know of and yet still envision. The current capability of Mr. Stewart’s process to store and retrieve imagery data are at about 25 times or 2500% greater than current systems. However, I’m sure this will no doubt increase in way not yet seen or realized. I verify, validate, and authenticate any past testing/current testing. In my professional opinion this new imaging process has remarkable current and future potential.
        I can definitively tell you I have the world’s best UFO image using the most advanced equipment taken by NASA from the STS 75 CCD camera. It’s not like I took the photo or video, NASA did, it was broadcast live around the world. You can’t talk your way out of this one my friend.

      2. Bobby Leo, You are not thinking correctly, you should be moving towards Religion than moving away, God exists. Physics now understands that Black Holes do not eat matter, rather all the information fits neatly on the Event Horizon, the Black part. This means that we live in a Hologram Universe, 2 dimensional with 1 dimension of time. When Physicists examine atoms we find they can be either a wave or a particle, this means the entire Universe is a Quantum Computer with Subatomic particles that come in and out of existence, Einstein called this “Spooky Action At A Distance”. What that means is that there is another Universe in a lower dimension than ours, yes we are in a movie of sorts. Our interaction with matter is based on Chemical Causality and Thermodynamics. Ultimately this means we have a Creator, it’s just a fact, it’s OK to believe in Him.

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