NASA Retired Astrobiologist Confirms Alien Life Exists [Video]


Richard Hoover, a retired NASA Astrobiologist is not your average speaker at the International UFO conference. With 46 years working at NASA, and the winner of NASA’s 1992 “Inventor of the Year” award, Hoover has an extraordinary wealth of knowledge on a variety of subjects and has an international reputation for his work on diatoms. He has extensively studied microorganisms, which inhabit extreme environments through his research at NASA and the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC). And on February 13, Hoover confirmed that alien life exists, as he discovered through his work on meteorites that have previously struck Earth.

Within a video interview with Lee Speigel of the Huffington Post, Hoover has elaborated on his immense discoveries and clarifies how microorganisms from outer space exist within meteorites. Throughout his interview, Hoover refers multiple times to three meteorite crashes that have been researched and validate his claims. The first one was a meteorite crash in Alès, France in 1806. The second one came from a crash in Orgueil, France in 1864 and the last one was from a crash in Murchinson, Australia in 1969.

According to this retired NASA Astrobiologist, all three of these meteorites contain obvious remains of biological entities. This alien life has been confirmed by breaking down the meteorite, flame sterilizing it into pans with the proper tools before placing it into a field emissions scanning electron microscope. The biological remains have been clearly embedded into freshly fractured interior pieces of the meteorite and conclusively represent life.

The Skeptic and Debunker Claim

If these findings (which are not new findings by any standard) are so conclusive, then what possible claim could skeptics and debunkers have? The skeptics claim that microorganisms crawled into the meteorites after they impacted onto Earth and are therefore, terrestrial. According to Hoover, this is not the case and the only way anyone could dismiss his claims is if they either did not read his published papers, or if they read them and did not understand them.

In the most simple terms, Hoover explains that every living thing on Earth contains nitrogen. It has to have nitrogen for both the amino acids and the proteins. It also has to have nitrogen for every DNA and RNA molecule in every cell. After a living being dies, the nitrogen slowly seeps out back into the atmosphere as nitrogen gas. But this is not a fast process; it takes millions of years for this to happen. The microorganism remains contained within the meteorite do not contain any traces of nitrogen, which means that they must be millions of years old. They could not have crawled into the crashed meteorite and lost all their nitrogen within the past 200 years. It would just not be scientifically possible and therefore, the only logical explanation is that they are extraterrestrial.

In fact, Hoover is so certain about his findings that he is perfectly willing to go debate critics in an open, scientific forum. He says he would be happy to go to the Cosmos Club in Washington or any university and have an academic debate. For some reason, critics refuse to debate him in such a fashion.

NASA has previously dismissed their own retired Astrobiologists confirmations that alien life exists, although they have not given any objective reasons as to why they have chosen to reject them. In fact, the main claims made against Hoover’s findings are that the meteorites have an Earthly origin or that they became contaminated after landing, which Hoover has openly refuted with evidence-backed findings. According to Hoover, the skeptics are essentially saying “Well, none of the samples we have worked have been contaminated but all of Hoover’s have been!” The naysayers arguments, just do not contain any sustenance.

By Jonathan Holowka

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