New Reality Dating Show ‘Dating Naked’ Reveals All

Dating Naked is VH1's new reality television showA new reality show on VH1 tentatively titled Dating Naked will feature romance hopefuls who strip all the way down on dates. This new dating series takes the dating game to a new level where contestants reveal more than just their hearts; they actually date in the nude. A man and woman will date two different suitors who are also naked and not ashamed.

Dating Naked was created by the independently owned production company called Lighthearted Entertainment. This is the company behind other unscripted series such as Next, 72 Hours, Extreme Makeover, Are You the One, and The Moment of Truth. The new series is set to explore the art of romance without a script, stereotypes, preconceived notions or clothes.

This upcoming reality dating show aims to determine the effects of social conventions and clothes on romance. The series does not have a premiere date but is complete with 10 one-hour weekly episodes. Dating Naked will be edited based on requirements of the network and will be filmed in an exotic remote location. At the conclusion of each episode the couple will evaluate what they have learned before making a decision to move forward with their potential mates.

The executive VP of VH1’s original programming and production, Susan Levison, says the show is really about the search for true love. Love is something people all around the world can relate to; if they do not have it they want it. The series will be a must-watch show, says Levison. It is a series with masterful storytelling and heart; it will be engaging and entertaining.

The president of Lighthearted Entertainment, Howard Schultz, said the show was created based on marrying a back to basics philosophy with a provocative idea. Schultz added, “With all the dating options available in the world, what would happen if they take one woman and one man then strip them of all their pretenses? You would get Naked Dating.”

Schultz was happy to say the network immediately understood his vision. VH1 is a fantastic partner to a show that utilizes a social experiment to allow an entertaining and fun look into the interactions of a man and woman when they bare all. Producers have not named the host who will steer the new series or the exact location but promises a show that will allow hopefuls to examine one’s honest self in its entirety.

Dating Naked is just one in a line of recent reality shows with a nudity-theme. Other shows include Naked Vegas, which explores the art and business of body painting, The Discovery Network’s survival series titled Naked and Afraid and Naked Castaway, and the real estate series, Buying Naked, which features nudist couples looking for a home where clothes are optional. There seems to be no shortage of activities to watch which have been filmed in the nude.

Four years ago ABC tried a similar concept with a series titled, Dating in the Dark. This series focused on six contestants who could only get to know each other in a room that was dark, aiming for a feel that was free of preconceived ideas and judgment. It only lasted one season.

VH1 says getting naked while dating is how you find true romance. Their new reality show tentatively named Dating Naked will feature romance hopefuls who bare all while dating. This new dating series takes the dating game to deeper depths where contestants bare more than just their hearts; they are naked and not ashamed.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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