New York City on Valentine’s Day Not so Romantic After All

New York CityNew York City is supposedly the best city for dating, but with Valentine’s Day coming up, a new study reveals it might not be so romantic after all. In the study, performed by CreditDonkey, the heartbreak of people throughout the U.S. was measured by looking into at number of aspects. New York City scored the third place of most heartbreaks. Chicago and Miami scored the first and second place.

For the study, one of the things CreditDonkey looked at is how long the average failed marriage lasts for. In New York City, that is 21.9 years, which is higher than the country’s average of 19.4 years. According to experts, heartbreaks are experienced as worse when relationships are ended after a longer time.

Also taken into account was the number of dating services per city. Dating services suggest that people are actively seeking a partner and experts say dating often goes hand in hand with heartbreak and self-doubt. New York City offers 28 dating services and although this is more than in the average U.S. city, the dating services themselves say the city could use a few extra to handle the high number of singles. To find out more about the overall well-being of the population, CreditDonkey looked at the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. New York City was ranked at 100 out of 152.

Some frequent daters can relate to the outcome of CreditDonkey’s study. People who pretend they are busier than they really are are the biggest annoyance of singles in New York City, according to a survey. In addition, singles feel they encounter too many people who pretend they are doing big things and are living the dream in New York City, trying to come across as if they are more important than others. The high standards of living and the belief that there is always something better around the corner does not make is easy for New York City singles and many say a holiday like Valentine’s Day might not be as romantic as people would think after all.

Recently, the dating site PlentyOfFish conducted research to find out the most desirable characteristics in a New York City single. What they found is that a 25-year old Catholic woman is considered as most desirable by men. She preferably owns a dog, she is fit, healthy and slim and likes to go out for a drink three times per week. In addition, she holds a bachelor’s degree and earns between $50,000 and $75,000 per year. Ideally, she has been in a relationship for at least three years, but longer than eight years will kick her off the throne.

Meanwhile, a Christian man, aged 23 to 35 is considered to be most desirable by women. He is athletic, has brown hair and is a social drinker. He ideally holds an advanced degree and earns between $100,000 and $150,000 per year. Telling a woman he wants to have children, will make him even more desirable, according to the research.

A spokeswoman for the dating site, Sarah Gooding, is surprised about the results of the research. “The results show a number of gender biases that we would expect not to be brought up in 2014. One of them is that men are really seeking a young woman with a slim figure. In fact, those who described themselves as thin on their dating profile, received 41 percent more messages,” she explains. Gooding adds, “For men, we saw that a big wallet increases their attractiveness. Men, who mentioned a salary of more than $100,000 per year on their dating profile, received 42 percent more messages.”

The studies, conducted by CreditDonkey and PlentyOfFish, are not the only ones around. The New York City dating scene has been subject to many in the past, but after all those studies, singles in The Big Apple are not giving up on romantic Valentine’s Day dates.

By Diana Herst


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