Woody Allen Sex Scandal Could Cost Blanchett Oscar Says Director

The Woody Allen Sex Scandal Could Cost Blanchett an Oscar claims directorHollywood director David Green, the man behind Phil Collins film Buster, claims the Woody Allen sex scandal could cost Cate Blanchett a deserved Oscar.

Australian Blanchett has been nominated for her critically acclaimed performance in Allen’s latest offering, a grim drama called Blue Jasmine. However, the film has been overshadowed in recent weeks by allegations from Allen’s step-daughter Dylan Farrow, who claims he abused her when she was young. As a result, the veteran director and writer has been subjected to negative headlines and press intrusion – something he would want to avoid when one of his films could land the biggest industry prize there is.

Although Blanchett’s performance in Allen’s drama has nothing to do with the severity of the allegations leveled at the film’s creator, Green said the seriousness of the alleged crime can weigh on people’s minds when they cast their votes ahead of the big night in March.

As a result, the Hollywood director claims the Woody Allen sex scandal could cost Cate Blanchett a deserved Oscar. “When it comes to Hollywood, voters can be predictably conservative and so that’s why I think it might go that way,” Green told Guardian Liberty Voice. “Blanchett, in my opinion, gave the best female performance of the year, but she may now lose the Oscar because of the controversy surrounding Woody Allen. If that does happen, I think it’s appalling because it has absolutely nothing to do with her.”

Nevertheless, Green said the female category is rich with acting talent and so Blanchett faces some cinematic heavyweights.  “There are other serious contenders like Sandra Bullock and Judi Dench who would also be worthy winners in that category,” added Green. “It should make for an interesting night.”

The British director was also behind Fire Birds (known in some countries as Wings of the Apache), starring Nicolas Cage and Tommy Lee Jones. His television credits, include Hollywood Women and Bridezillas. In terms of his favorite film of the year, Green was unequivocal in choosing Gravity. “I loved Gravity,” he added. “I’m a director by training and I thought the direction in the film was wonderfully realized by Alfonso Cuarón. The acting was also very good and on the whole it was just a beautiful spectacle. It should get both best director and film in my humble opinion – but I think it might only get best director.”

However, Green was not as generous with 12 Years a Slave, which is also one of the favorites to scoop the best film accolade. “I think it will probably win best film because it is very popular, but I’m not a huge fan – I found it rather formulaic and a bit predictable. Nevertheless, the subject matter is compelling and extremely important, so you have to give credit for that.”

Ellen DeGeneres will host the Oscars for the second time on Sunday, March 2, 2014 in Los Angeles. It should be one of the most interesting Oscar ceremonies in years, especially with claims from a Hollywood director that Cate Blanchett could miss out on an Oscar because of the Woody Allen sex scandal.

By Robert Shepherd

Interview with David Green, President and Chairman, September Films USA




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