New York Faces Super Bowl After Effects

New York The biggest game of the year might be over but fans just cannot seem to lose the fever as New York faced the Super Bowl after effects. A resident in Rochester, NY was taken into custody for biting part of his brother’s ear off at a Super Bowl party.

This Sunday was a special day for football fans. The most anticipated event of year Super Bowl 48 took place in New Jersey where the Seattle Seahawks faced the Denver Broncos. The game was watched by an astounding 111.5 million making Super Bowl 48 the most viewed event in television history. The match had fans glued to their screens till they very last moment eagerly waiting for the final result. Ultimately the Seahawks took home the prize as they defeated the Broncos by a huge margin of 43-8. It made sense that Seahawks fans would take it to the streets to express their excitement and joy over their first Super Bowl win in franchise history. However Seattle fans were not the only ones hyped up after the match. New York was having some troubles of its own.

Sean Fallon-Nebbia, 27 was in attendance with his younger brother Frank Fallon-Nebbia at a Super Bowl party. Witness reported that both of them had been drinking all night and had been rough housing. Their playful wrestling quickly turned violent and aggressive with Fallon severely injuring his younger brother. Sean Fallon viciously bit part of Frank Fallon’s ear off all the while beating him unconscious. While the Super Bowl fever continues to subside in many fans, New York still has to face the after effects of the big game.

It is not clear as to what actually caused the brawl between the two brothers. It could very well be due to an argument between the two or because of the Sunday night match. Audra Babcock, Sean Fallon’s girlfriend who was also a witness told the police that the fight was caused because both of them were drunk and that none of them would have actually intended anything ill for their sibling. Regardless of the intentions the damage has been done and a permanent one at that. The doctor who was treating Frank Fallon for his wounds reported that the damage to his ear was indeed permanent and that he had been permanently disfigured. The 27-year-old pleaded not guilty for his acquisitions but is being held on $15,000 cash bonds. The judge who oversaw the case also ordered that the younger brother be provided with protection.

It might not come as a surprise that some fans would still be on the edge even after the championship has ended as it is still a fresh memory. Most might consider the incident as an unintended conflict but Frank Fallon’s comment on the entire ordeal is left to be heard. With that it is unclear what penalties will be enforced and what the final outcome of the entire case is going to be. As New York faces the Super Bowl after effects the thought does come to mind whether more of such cases will surface or not.

By Hammad Ali


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