New York Operation Angry Birds Busts Cockfighting Ring

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Sunday evening reaped the end of a cockfighting ring in in upstate New York, states officials involved with the case. Officials had centered an investigation regarding the ring, labeling the target “Operation Angry Birds.” The bust is the largest in state history, stated New York Attorney General, Eric Schinderman.

Investigators and police surrounded the home and were able to recover around 3,000 birds and place 70 individuals into custody. Of those placed in custody, nine formal arrests have been processed. The cockfighting ring stretched from an underground rooster coop located in Brooklyn to breeding farms located upstate.

Schneiderman calls cockfighting a “cruel, abusive and barbaric practice that tortures animals,” and continues to endanger the safety of the public, leading to additional crimes. Reports indicate investigators raided a pet shop in Brooklyn to arrest the 74-year old manager who had roosters shoved inside metal cages. The birds showed signs of distress and physical “hallmarks” of training for cockfighting. Operation Angry Birds in New York has busted and closed down the largest cockfighting ring in the state’s history.

Angelina Bouc


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