Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch Tips and Tricks [Video]

Wrath of the White Witch Ni no Kuni tips and tricks

The world of Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch is an expansive one. The overall beauty is a wonder to take in but exploring the epic world can feel like a daunting task. This guide is meant to help smooth your journey along as Oliver and friends attempt to take down the dark djinn, Shadar and the White Witch. This article is filled with knowledge that will help gamers new to the genre or just new to the game, but that ultimately means that this article may contain some small spoilers.

As you step into this world you may find the difficulty of battle growing as you progress. Save points are extremely helpful: not only do they save your game, they also fully restore HP and MP to the entire party. Seeing as this game does not have tents, save points and inns will act as the best way to heal your party; inns always cost money but save points are always free. Save often because a death in battle will result in the loss of 10 percent of your total money.

Wrath of the White Witch Ni no Kuni PlayStation 3

Keep your eyes open as you explore new places because within each city you can find your spiritual friend Horace. In order to speak to this green haired ghost the Spirit Medium spell is required. Horace has riddles for Oliver to solve, each is rewarded with spells when answered correctly. It is worth it to track him down in each new town. The last time you find Horace he’ll give you the spell Veil which hides you from monsters and makes it much easier to get around on the world map and in some dungeons. For Horace to progress you need to solve each of his riddles.

Sidequests yield stamps that can be redeemed at the Swift Solutions stores. The rewards from such sidequests can increase experience earned, loot dropped, and even reduce money lost when the entire party falls in battle. Point being, sidequests are greatly beneficial to your party however you see fit. The most common sidequests include giving the proper emotion to someone who needs it and hunting bounties on the world map. When completing sidequests the mini map is your best friend. The mini map is helpful for a number of reasons:

  • Green dots indicate individuals with excess emotion
  • Blue dots in town indicate individuals with sidequests
  • Blue dots found on the world map indicate the location of a bounty

With so many possible monsters to join your party you may be wondering which is worth it considering they all need so much experience.  As far as experience and grinding go, there are a few specific monsters that can speed the process immensely. What you’ll be looking for is a little green fella with a staff named a Toko or Tokotoko. These creatures have a rare spawn rate and can be hard to track down but offer so much experience it is likely everyone in your party will level up multiple times. This video goes into more detail.

There are tons of familiars in this game and finding the ones you want could take a while. The starters are good for a portion of the game but it is possible to find better ones, that being said you can still finish the game with them. Collecting merit stamps can lead to an ability that will help catch familiars but it is really up to you on what you want in your party. Here is a video to help catch a familiar with exponentially high attack and defense. His name is the Dinoceros and he is a beast.

After you get the skeleton key you can travel to The Tombstone Trail for the undead casino. Besides being a ton of fun, the casino can load you up with some helpful additions. First, it is necessary to buy some chips and then head over to the Platoon table. If you can win five or six consecutive games you will be rolling in the dough. Platoon is a surprisingly fun game (that can even be played with a friend
and an ordinary deck of cards). Winning Platoon can load you up with the chips to buy healing items, Jumbodrops for evolving familiars, and even free familiars (load up on those MP healing items).

Here are a number of tips, rapid-fire edition:

  • When enemies start to run from you it means you are probably too overleveled for that area
  • If you are concerned about losing money by dying be sure to spend most of it before entering a new dungeon
  • Stay at Inn’s to get new stories in the Wizards Companion
  • After you gain the ability to practice alchemy speaking to random folks in towns will yield new recipes
  • When in battle remember the O button because it can cancel attacks and lead to quick defensive options. Hitting the opponent right before they attack can yield in a shock to the opponent leaving them open for more attacks. To effectively land counters look for the blue bubble that appears for a short amount of time next to your character right before being hit and press X.
  • The travel spell can take you to Ding Dong Tell for the cheapest Inn (or you can teleport to somewhere like The Tombstone Trail and heal at the save point for free)
  • The most expensive merit award is Jack the Giant Killer which increases Olivers HP and MP by 100 each.

Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch is a beautiful and playful journey unmatched by many on the PlayStation 3. However, it can still be very challenging. With these tips and tricks in mind your journey has the potential to be even greater. Studio Ghibli and Level 5 have truly created a memorable and spectacular game that yields all kinds of possibilities and different play styles. Make no bones about it, those with a PlayStation 3 certainly need to give this game a play.

By Garrett Jutte

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