Nicki Minaj Accused by Former Hairstylist of Stealing His Wig Designs

Nicki Minaj Accused by Former Hairstylist of Stealing His Wig Designs

Nicki Minaj wigged out when she heard that her former hair stylist, Terrence Davidson, slapped her with a $30 million lawsuit alleging that the fashion-conscious singer ripped off his designs for wigs and used then in her own wig and fragrance line. The lawsuit was filed in a district court in Atlanta, Georgia.

The former American Idol judge has denied that she stole Davidson’s designs for wigs. However, the circumstantial evidence against her seems to be strong.

The lawsuit against Nicki Minaj was filed this Friday in Georgia.
According to Terrence Davidson, he began working for Nicki Minaj back in 2010. He says that he is the one who designed many of the most famous wigs that Nicki wore, including The pink upper bun one which Minaj wore at the VMA pre-show, a patterned fox-fur one, and a wig that the eye-batting diva wore when she appeared int he “Super Bass” video.

You might recall that when Nicki Minaj was a judge on American Idol, the quirky style that her fans find endearing made her somewhat less-than-beloved by the other judges. In fact, Mariah Carey, for example, compared working on American Idol with Nicki Minaj to working in Hell with the Winged One, Satan himself. Steven Tyler told them both to shut the F**** up, and then Nicki called him a “racist.”

Davidson alleges that they were getting along so well together that the subject even came up of them having a joint wig line and a TV reality show together.

In 2012, though, Davidson says that Minaj and her agents started to behve much differently towards him. They no longer talked about the idea of having a “business venture” with him. Davidson also alleges that one of Nicki Minaj’s representatives lied to a newspaper about his declining the opportunity to be interviewed.

In early 2013, Davidson stopped working for Minaj altogether. He alleges that Minaj, “without his consent,” took many of his wig designs, “and used them to start her wig line.” He further alleges that Nicki Minaj used his wig designs as the models for the bottle tops of her line of perfumes.

Davidson claims in his lawsuit that Minaj “cut him out of their wig venture,” and that she took, or stole, his wig designs. Then, Minaj used the designs “to pursue the wig venture on her own.”

Also in his lawsuit against “Starships” singer Nicki Minaj, Davidson alleges that the singer breached their implied contract and interfered “with prospective business relations.”

By doing these things, and posting photos of his wigs at her site, the hairstylist claims that Nicki Minaj caused him to lose a lot of potential profit.

According to Davidson’s attorney, Christopher Chestnut, his client’s lawsuit goes beyond being just about hair and wigs. Chestnut mentioned that the hair products and wig industry is :a multi billion-dollar” one. He also stressed the specialness, and the uniqueness, of Davidson’s wigs.Chestnut called his client’s wigs “eclectic” and also “decadent” and “creative.”

According to Chestnut, his client worked long and hard to build a brand, and Nicki Minaj cost him a lot of lost profit and business by her actions. Even if Nicki Minaj ripped off Davidson’s designs and used them for her own line of wigs and to design the bottle tops of her fragrances, the legal system will have to determine if what she did is worth her owing Davidson $30 million in potential loss profits.

Did Nicki Minaj commit a breach of implied contract? Had she ever made plans to one day team up with Terrence Davidson to design a joint line of wigs, or was she just possibly influenced by the ones which Davidson created? Where does mere “influence” end, and outright stealing of another’s designs begin? Please leave your comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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