Obesity Fight Involves Healthy Lifestyle Changes


Numerous means to help in the fight against obesity are being put into place. Health food stores are being opened in areas that were previously lacking them. Fast food establishments are posting calorie amounts on their menus. Some restaurants involved in the fight are providing heart-healthy items. Changes are being implemented in order to bring about healthier lifestyles.

Labels are put on food items and include the trans-fat amount, saturated fat, calorie totals and fat calorie amounts. Protein, sodium and sugar measurements are also included. Ingredients of an item are clearly shown. All this help has been put into place in order to educate the public. The public can now see exactly what is inside the items they are eating.

So why is there still a rise in obesity? Obesity has been found to be a contributor to Type-2 diabetes. It is also responsible for hypertension. Cardiovascular problems are also affected by obesity. A lifestyle change is needed in order to help prevent and attack the ever growing problem of obesity.

Eating healthier and exercising can help to lessen and alleviate the obesity problem. It is best done under the care and the approval of a doctor. It is true that people have varying metabolism rates, but no matter what a person’s metabolism rate, proper diet and exercise is advantageous in order to remain healthy.

Some people claim that eating healthy is not a cost effective alternative. Doctors and fitness experts would disagree. Mixed Martial Arts expert and personal trainer, Fernando Pelet, says that in order to fight obesity, a change in lifestyle needs to be created. He has stated that spending money on healthy food should be seen as an investment. It should not be viewed as an expensive burden. It is an investment not only for the present time, but also for the future. It is an investment that can bring about life saving changes in a person’s well-being.

Some fitness and nutrition experts have said to challenge the weekly family budget. The challenge is to shop for two weeks buying only healthy items. At least 70 percent of healthy items can be found at a neighborhood grocery store. The rest can be found at any neighborhood health food store or farmers market. After two weeks of healthy shopping, the grocery bill should be less than or equal to what it was when shopping for processed and junk food items. Plus, the new foods in the home will provide more nutrients for everyone eating the food.

There are some simple rules and guidelines that can be followed in order to help fight obesity. Eating healthy calories as opposed to eating empty calories is one. Avoid processed foods whenever possible, because healthy calories are better for the body. This consists of eating foods that are natural. These are foods that contain nutrients which will provide fuel for the body. Examples include fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, lean meat and fish for protein, olive oil, beans and whole grains.

Stay with organic products whenever possible. If a label has extensive ingredient list of odd elements, put the item back. Empty calories will fill people up but will provide zero nourishment. Supplements are sometimes helpful as well, but they need to be customized to an individual’s needs.

Eating breakfast is also rated as highly important. A healthy breakfast is fuel to start the day off right. Some form of protein and good healthy carbohydrates should be included in a breakfast that provides energy and will curb cravings. An example would be oatmeal and eggs. Zero percent fat yogurts are a good source of protein. Blueberries can be added as well. An omelet can have various vegetables added to it.

Snacks throughout the day should include fruits, vegetables or proteins. Avoiding refined sugars and deep fried items can be a huge step towards a healthier body. Saturated fats and high sodium foods should also be avoided. Drinking lots of water is considered another crucial element. Avoid snacking at night. If a nighttime snack is in order, be sure it is a healthy vegetable or protein.

Exercise is one of the most important contributors when fighting obesity. Eating healthier will provide more energy and give the body the added vitamins and nutrients it needs before, during and after exercising. Along with watching the quantity and quality of any food intake, exercise should also be incorporated every day if possible. Recent studies have shown that when people start to exercise, their ability to keep exercising and do more physical activity can increase.

Fitness experts say it is possible to get started today. Park the car at the far end of any parking lot and walk to the destination. Taking walks around the block could eventually build up to taking walks around a park. If there is a choice between the stairs and an elevator or escalator, take the stairs. Fighting obesity involves creating changes to an all too familiar unhealthy lifestyle. Changes can be done by making a healthy lifestyle the every day familiar one. They also suggest that sometimes it is easier to make the changes with a friend or relative. Health professionals and fitness experts believe that fighting obesity is a goal that can be reached.

by Saki Kahala


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