Woody Allen the Demonizing of an American Legend

Woody Allen the Demonizing of an American Legend

Sides are being taken and each one chants a different anthem, but, the bottom line is that an American legend, Woody Allen is being demonized by his former partner, adopted child and biological son. Celebrities are putting their two cents worth in and specialists, as well as survivors of abuse, are giving their expert reasoning as to why or why not these allegations may be true.

It sounds like the plot of a very poorly written horror novel; The Demonic American Legend a tale of a well-loved and universally respected filmmaker who sexually abused his 7 year-old daughter. One public figure who has never poorly written anything, even when he was in the grip of his own personal substance misuse demons, is Stephen King. He is the latest “celeb” to he thrashed via Twitter after the recent tweet convert posting his thoughts on the Woody Allen debacle. His initial tweet contained the phrase “palpable bitchery” and it started a flurry of angry “pro-Dylan” type responses. One ended her tweet with #palpabledouchery.


If any of these Twitter users actually took the time to read, yes read, the coverage of the facts as they were presented back in 1992, they could see where Mr King was coming from. The child was questioned by her very outraged mother. When authorities continued questioning, it appeared that Dylan had no real interest in the proceedings or, in fact, had no real idea of what was going on. The phrase
implanted memories has been bandied about by Allen’s legal team, after a long silence from the accused.

The entire episode feels a little too much like the boy who cried wolf, but, at an adult’s instigation. Most of the fury aimed at “doubters” like Stephen King have come because the Farrow supporters have not looked at the facts coldly and dispassionately. – For a great rundown of the facts and a good analysis of the situation read Robert b Weide’s article on The Daily Beast in the link below- However these facts are perceived will be up to the eyes of the beholder, but, even a fanatical Dylan supporter will have to stop for a moment to digest those events that have been so badly misconstrued, and misreported, back in 1992.

The demonizing of an American Legend, Woody Allen, is moving forward with all the agonizing slowness of a train wreck in molasses. Waiting for the inevitable crash when all parties converge, either in a courtroom or out of it, is almost unbearable. No winners can come from this tale of horror, and it is not Dylan’s heart-wrenching tale on reference here, it is the players in this sordid little story. Even looking dispassionately at the chain of events that led to the initial 1992 charges cannot take away the image of Mia Farrow filling the role of a woman scorned.

Before moving onto the “facts” take a look at another fervent supporter of Dylan Farrow, Lena Dunham. Not too surprisingly, considering who her father is, the Girls creator/star is adamant that the memories of Farrow all those years ago are her own. For those that are interested, Dunham’s father is Carroll Dunham, painter of what has been called “overly sexualized” pop art. Google him and you’ll see some samples and then imagine being a young girl growing up in that household. Her support of Farrow is perfectly understandable.

Some media websites have gone so far as to compare Woody Allen to Roman Polanski. The phrase apples and oranges spring to mind immediately, although, any connection between the two men is laughable. Polanski was convicted of the sexual assault of a 13 year-old girl in 1977. He was actually indicted on six different counts of criminal behavior, one of which was rape. After a plea bargain, Polanski was charged with, and pled guilty to, “Unlawful Sexual Intercourse with a minor.”

Polanski was on a 42 day release from prison when, learning of a judge’s decision to add more time onto his sentence, he fled the country. Still guilty as sin; found to be so by trial, judge and jury. In 2010 after a short jail term in Zürich, Switzerland, the country he bolted to and a very short time under “house arrest” at his home in Gstaad, the Swiss let him go free and ignored and requests to extradite their famous citizen. It is interesting to note that in another, unrelated, case in 2004 which dealt with alleged sexual “misconduct” Polanski was able to be cleared of any wrong doing by…Mia Farrow.

Woody Allen has finally spoken out about those sexual abuse allegations made by adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow and according to him, as well as his lawyer, they are not true. Picturing Mia Farrow in the role of villain does not take too much imagination. The then 47 year-old ex-wife of Frank Sinatra and Andre Previn, with whom she adopted Soon-Yi, was furious when she found out that Allen had been having an affair with her Korean daughter. Add to this mix that Previn, whom Mia had taken from his wife at the sprightly age of 24, was also a much older man; he was 40 years-old when Farrow got pregnant by the composer; and the sense of bitter irony deepens.

Dory Previn, the displaced wife, had a nervous breakdown and ended up in an institute getting shock treatment. Sadly, for all concerned, if the memories do indeed turn out to be true then justice took a long time coming for a 7 year-old confused child. However, if these are implanted memories put in place by a woman who was furious that her “partner” had dumped her for one of her adopted children, who should the press, or the public, demonize here? The man falsely accused of abusing his own adopted child or the woman who knowingly let her daughter live through 21 years of hell believing that the American Legend Woody Allen, her father did unspeakable things to her at the age of 7.

By Michael Smith


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