Woody Allen Daughter Tells of 21 Year Old Abuse…Again

Woody Allen Daughter Tells of 21 Year Old Abuse...Again

Woody Allen is one of the fair haired icons of Hollywood, but, not everyone is a fan; for instance, his daughter is telling the world about sexual abuse that happened over 21 years ago…again. Dylan Farrow is 28 years-old and is the jointly adopted child of Mia Farrow, a member of the Hollywood elite and Woody Allen. The 78 year-old film auteur and Farrow got together as a couple back in 1980; the two had a relationship that lasted till 1992. Their twelve year partnership, during which time the two never married, ended quickly and dramatically when Mia found nude pictures, taken by Allen, of one of her adopted children Soon-Yi Previn who was about 20 years-old at the time. In the same year that Allen’s relationship with Soon-Yi was made public, Dylan Farrow made allegations that her adoptive father had sexually abused her. In a 2013 Vanity Fair feature about Mia Farrow and her extended brood; Mia, Dylan, and the other children mentioned the alleged abuse.

Mia Farrow reacted badly to both of these 1992 discoveries and not too surprisingly she ended her relationship with Allen. What is surprising about the entire Soon-Yi affair is that Allen actually married his very much younger lover and, to date, the two are still married. Woody and Mia never “tied-the-knot” and maintained separate residences throughout their time together. The affair made international headlines and Farrow was quick to demonize Allen and went so far as to say that Soon-Yi was challenged “mentally” and that Woody had taken advantage of that fact. Mia and Woody did have one child together Satchel Farrow. Satchel later changed his name, or at least preferred to be known as, Ronan Seamus Farrow, he is estranged from his biological father.

Obviously, the 26 year-old brother of adopted sister Dylan, has taken his mother’s side in the Soon-Yi affair, as well as his sister’s, and he has publicly castigated his father on several occasions. Recently, Ronan tweeted about Dylan’s allegations during the 71st Annual Golden Globes Awards show when Woody Allen received the Cecil B. DeMille Award to honor his career. Farrow went onto Twitter to ask whether the tribute included information that a 7 year-old had accused him of sexually abusing her, before or after the Annie Hall reference in the tribute.

Dylan Farrow, who mentioned the “abuse” last year in the Vanity Fair magazine interview, posted an open letter which was posted in The New York Times on Saturday, February 1, 2014. In the letter Woody Allen’s Daughter tells of the 21 year-old abuse that took place, she says, at the hands of her adoptive dad. She tells of something happening in an attic room while she was instructed to watch an electric train go around on its tracks. Dylan also speaks of other behaviour that, at best, sounds odd and, at worst, sounds perverted. She tells of his breathing in and out on her “lap.” Allen was investigated in 1992 after his and Mia’s adoptive daughter made her initial allegations. At the time, Frank S. Maco, who was the Litchfield County state attorney gave a statement to the press that said there was enough “probable cause” to open a full investigation, but, the attorney made the decision to leave things as they were. A move that was criticized at the time.

This latest “naming and shaming” drill by Dylan Farrow goes so far as to accuse the Hollywood community of ignoring “the truth” of the accusations. She mentions Scarlett Johansson, Cate Blanchett and Emma Stone before moving onto Diane Keaton an old flame of Allen’s and the star who accepted the award for Woody on the night of the ceremony. Farrow asks if Keaton remembers her as a little girl. Allen has always denied the allegations and in 2011, mentioned the Soon-Yi affair in a 2011 interview where he asked what was so scandalous about meeting, falling in love and marrying the girl.

In such a bitter vitriolic event as Woody Allen’s affair with the 20 year-old adopted child of Mia, and the resulting anguish, it is too easy to believe that, just maybe, the very young Dylan could have been confused about what really happened. Certainly other spurned, and very angry, partners have attempted to drag their former lover’s name through the mud after an relationship has ended via their children. A child can be “coached” by an adult into believing quite horrific things have happened. Take, for example, the day care center hysteria that transpired in Kern County, back in the 1980’s, where allegations of ritualistic sexual abuse resulted in convictions of several individuals that were later overturned. This case, however, began an almost “witch hunt” atmosphere over the next 10 years where 17 other institutes and individuals were accused of similar crimes. It later transpired that investigators were giving the children of these cases “false memories” and that many, like the Kern county case, were based on false allegations.

None of these cases mentioned are done so to for the purpose of diminishing Dylan Farrow’s childhood memories of Woody Allen sexually abusing her. The fact that she has told of the abuse again shows that she apparently believes it happened as do her other siblings. Ronan Farrow obviously believes his sister and Mia Farrow has supported her daughter’s allegations since they were initially made over 21 years ago. Thus far, the only clue that can be gleaned from the available information is that in 1992 probable cause was there, but, apparently there was not enough evidence to ensure a conviction. So far, the only thing that Woody Allen appears to be guilty of is very poor judgement while he was with Mia Farrow. Allen has so far refused to comment on the allegations.

By Michael Smith


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12 Responses to "Woody Allen Daughter Tells of 21 Year Old Abuse…Again"

  1. conchitadelmundo   February 3, 2014 at 2:21 pm

    actually, mia farrow collected children like an animal hoarder collects pets. she’s always had serious mental issues, and her neurosis have left their mark on her children. kinda ironic because woody allen is known for his neurosis, but he openly acknowledged them in his films. yes, he had an affair with his adoptive daughter, but he was never a father to these children. mia is the one who wanted the kids, and he appeased her. soon yi was not a daughter to him because he wasn’t a parent. they probably bonded talking about how psycho mia is.

  2. sanna   February 2, 2014 at 9:41 am

    the subtle bias in this article is almost genius.. the word abuse in scare quotes, leaving out key facts to make incidents sound more innocuous (mentioning ‘breathing in and out in her lap’ while forgetting to mention that she says he did this while she was wearing no pants or underwear), ‘innocently’ suggesting that she may be lying, repeatedly using the word ‘adopted’ to invalidate his status as a parent to his children, using the generous estimate of soon-yi’s age (no one knows her real age- she was 18 or 19 when her affair with woody began, but certainly not 20- no one has claimed that) to make it sound less scandalous (keep in mind that soon-yi was adopted at 5-6 in 1979 and woody allen started dating mia farrow in 1980… and watched, from the perspective as her mother’s partner and some of her other children’s father, her grow from a 5-6 year old into that 18-19 year old he began sleeping with).

    disgusting article.

  3. becky t.   February 2, 2014 at 8:02 am

    The case you mentioned was very different, with much younger kids. Only 2 people were there. You imply the child was coached, while pretending to be objective. This detailed account from a child who was 7 (?) at the time carries great weight and at the least deserves to be received in a respectful manner. Feigning respect while very clearly attempting to cast doubreveals the autho’s bias.

  4. frank g   February 2, 2014 at 6:24 am

    Woody allen may or may not be a game filmmaker,but nothing can compensate
    for the specifically deailed abuse that dylan experienced.

    • frank g   February 2, 2014 at 6:34 am

      Woody allen may or not be a great filmmaker,but no artistic achieivment can
      justify the specific,detailed abuse of dylan.these hollywood sycophants who
      excuse him should be ashamed of themselves,if they were capable of shame.

  5. Survivor Advocate   February 2, 2014 at 6:03 am

    Custody battle, bitterness or not the place that these allegations should have been answered was a court of law. The prosecutors were irresponsible and allowed a celebrity predator to continue preying on young girls, instead of doing their job and giving Dylan justice. What’s worse is that this scum was allowed to adopt again! The man is a sexual deviant at best, no 57 year old man that is normal has an affair with his partner’s 20 year old adopted daughter. Did anyone mention that the psychiatrists who said Dylan couldn’t distinguish fantasy from reality nention they were hired by Woody for the sole purpose of saving his reputation?

    It’s disgusting that we spend so much time blaming the victims or justifying how someone we find “charming” cannot possibly be a sexual predator. Newsflash! Those people we find charming are the master manipulators who hide their deviance through a fake veneer of charm. Take it from someone who was raped and sexually abused by a prolific family member and told I was ungrateful when I tried to speak out. It was only after he was arrested for sexually abusing my niece did everyone finally believe me. Allegations of this kind should always be taken seriously, Mr. Smith. If she were manipulated, her memory of events would not be this clear. Quit blaming the victim and quit trying to justify this vile man’s actions.

  6. Calvet   February 2, 2014 at 4:39 am

    Mia Farrow is a sick woman (and has a brother who was accused of sexual abuse…) – it is about time she stops all this nonsense and takes good care of her family.


    • Survivor Advocate   February 2, 2014 at 6:10 am

      Mia took care of her family by trying to get her daughter justice. From what I have read of Mia she was apart of Hollywood in the days when sexual predators were allowed to run rampant. I can’t presume as I don’t know her but women who have been abused are many times unknowingly attracted to sexual predators. I believe that Mia was trying to right by both Dylan and Soon-Yi. The biggest mistake she made was allowing a sexual deviant like Woody Allen into her life. She’s been paying for it unfairly ever since.

  7. pema ladron   February 1, 2014 at 10:43 pm

    Micheal Smith…you seem like a well spoken cad. Shame on you for slandering a victim of sexual abuse.

    • Michael Smith   February 1, 2014 at 10:54 pm

      Thank you for taking the time to let us know your feelings about this. I do need to point out that I am not denigrating either of the Farrows and their belief of what transpired so long ago. I am merely playing “Devil’s Advocate” and reminding readers that children, despite being pretty resilient in most things, can be confused when remembering things that happened during such a period of her “adult’s” upset, pain and, from at least one parent, betrayal. Thanks again. Cheers.

      • Jodi Egan   February 2, 2014 at 12:05 am

        That would have been an interesting point if you had gathered sources, explored research or tried to prove your point beyond your own “expertise” regarding the inner-workings of child abuse. Opinion journalism still needs sources and facts to add any value to the conversation.

      • Survivor Advocate   February 2, 2014 at 6:18 am

        What you are doing Mr. Smith is rationalizing Woody’s behavior. If a child comes forth with alkegations of sexual abuse our job is to protect that child and make sure they get justice. Allow the child to be evaluated and to make sure that evaluators know the signs of a child that is sexually abused. Those that claimed to evaluate her worked for Woody and failed to realize that children who are sexually abused protect themselves by blurring fantasy from reality. If Mia were truly a woman spurned she could have found other ways to ruin Woody. This was a woman trying to protect her kids from a sexually deviant predator. If you were in her position and this was your daughter what would you do?


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