Ouya on Sale for $85 With $25 Game Credit

Android-powered ouya on sale
Yes, it is actually that small.

The Android-powered console known as the Ouya is currently on sale for $85 and comes with $25 towards purchasing games. This outstanding deal also comes with free shipping for anyone in the Continental US. The Ouya is an experience different from most major consoles and for good reasons, the Ouya offers all games directly from the system and allows you to play before you purchase. If you’ve never seen the Ouya before, yes, it really is smaller than a controller.

The Andorid-powered Ouya operates different from most game consoles by offering a selection of games to download for free or buy straight from the console, all games are downloaded. Now that the Ouya has been in out for a while the library has expanded to new heights. More than 660 games are currently available on the Ouya. Most games are very cheap, usually about $5 with the more expensive games ranging to about $15. Similar to the price of the console, games on the Ouya are very affordable.

Many of the games on the Ouya feel reminiscent of old school games due to the mechanics and style portrayed. However, you will certainly find some titles on the Ouya (quite possibly) unlike anything you’ve played before. Most of the Ouya graphics look more like flash or something on a smart phone, they are certainly not near as powerful as the current generation of consoles. The trade-off is the price. For less than $100 the Ouya offers the potential for some excellent single and multiplayer games.

Things to keep in mind about the Ouya include the ability to try any game for free before spending any money. Streaming apps, such as Twitch.tv and VEVO are available on the Ouya with more to come in time. The Ouya comes with 8GB of storage and Wi-Fi. Thanks to the 25,000 + developers the Ouya is constantly receiving new games. Keep in mind the system does require the use of a television with HDMI plug-ins.

This deal includes the Ouya, $25 towards buying games, one controller (and the AA batteries it needs), and of course the necessary plug-ins. Not to mention, anyone in the Continental US partaking in this deal gets free shipping. Accompanying this deal are some discounted games including Crazy Taxi which has dropped down to $0.99 as well as others. Even though many of the games on the Ouya are made just for the console, some bigger developers have their content on the system as well; old school Final Fantasy anyone?

Yes, it is true that the Ouya does not play Blu-ray or the most powerful graphics money can buy, but that is why it costs less than $100. With that being said, the Ouya is a lot of fun, especially with a good group of friends shooting arrows and crashing into each other. For the next 13 days you can purchase the Ouya for $85 with free shipping (in the US) and $25 towards games. If you are ready for a new experience that won’t take up all your space or money, consider the Ouya.

By Garrett Jutte
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