Paul Walker Death Dragged Into Tyrese Gibson’s Custody Battle

Walker, Paul Walker

An undesired custody battle is now a mess that Paul walker is being unceremoniously dragged into. The war of words between Tyrese Gibson and ex-wife Norma resulted in Walker being made part of the argument and Norma is using Walker’s death to dishonor Gibson.

The actor and singer is being called a bad influence on his daughter and termed as a bad parent. Norma Gibson has gone on to state that Gibson, instead of zooming off to Dubai after Walker’s death and should have stayed back and spend some quality time with his daughter.

Norma Gibson was unable to digest Gibson’s immediate travel to Dubai after Walker’s car accident and ridiculed his yacht parties, pricey hotel stays, night-club visits and sky-diving extravaganzas with fellow artists. That he did not stay back in Los Angeles for his daughter after the latest version of Fast and Furious filming got halted is aptly mentioned in the court documents filed by Norma.Walker, Paul Walker

Websites of TMZ and Perez Hilton were the first to report the story of Norma accusing Tyrese Gibson and that Paul Walker’s death was being made an unlikely excuse by Norma to put down Gibson in the child custody battle that she is currently waging against him. It’s being reported that sources who are close to Gibson are of the opinion that its unfortunate that Norma has decided to use Walker in the case.

They are also stating that Gibson too is being made a scapegoat for his actions meant primarily to earn money to pay for child support. Gibson’s visit to the Emirates was meant to be official and for earning money from events and gigs organised there. He also reasoned with the fact that he needed the money and that he was only confirming to his commitments.

However, his updates on various websites don’t seem to find enough credence with his statements. To top it off, a website is claiming that Gibson might have even embraced Islam during his visit to Dubai.

Videos available on the various websites are indicating that Gibson visit to Dubai was for his birthday celebration which fell on 30th December. He may decide to call it a lucky coincidence; however, fans are yet to buy into his excuse. Gibson has even received flak for his constant linkup on the social circuit with Paul Walker’s name.

With his public display of grief even during the partying time in Dubai has not gone down well with many. A tribute for Paul Walker in Dubai left Gibson choked with tears and he talked about how much he missed his Fast and Furious co-star. He also mentioned bumping into Bumblebee, the car from Transformers and that the car made him emotional yet again for his association and friendship that he shared with Paul Walker.

The other news of Gibson adopting Islam comes from a video he posted on his Twitter handle. The Islam outreach video titled The Purpose of Life (HD) | Muslim Spoke Word, was posted on 30th December with a comment from Gibson saying, “This gave me life!” He has also divulged about a meeting with an unidentified best friend and spiritual mentor in Dubai to an audience of a TV show. The mentor was credited by Gibson for changing his life forever, finding a sense of purpose and also saw him announcing an impending big plan.

The video of his talk show also talks about his way of finding God and the way he believes in God as a Christian. He goes on to enlighten the audience about how everybody’s walk may not be consistent with the way they talk about god. So, for the time being the question about his conversion remains unanswered and fans would be waiting for the announcement of his big plans.

Meanwhile, the talk show video has received compliments and re-tweets by many fans for some captivating words from Tyrese Gibson. However, he still has an ugly battle to fight with his wife and fans are hoping that Paul Walker’s death is not unnecessarily dragged into any controversy with respect to his child support battle with Norma.

By Daris Abraham


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4 Responses to "Paul Walker Death Dragged Into Tyrese Gibson’s Custody Battle"

  1. Sandy Tomes   February 10, 2014 at 8:07 am

    RIP Paul Walker. I will see you in heaven!

  2. Kim Cannon   February 4, 2014 at 2:56 pm

    Paul Walkers death has nothing to do with tyrese child custody fight. His ex wife should be ashamed for bringing it into that situation. Tyrese was devastated when Paul was killed and did what he thought was best to find himself again,and if he was dealing with this when Paul got killed he was double devastated worrying about losing his daughter and just lost a dear friend on top of it. Divorce and custody of a child or children is ugly,I’ve been there and it is ugly.with that being said no matter the reason he took his trip to Dubai,that’s his business. He did what was best for his daughter at the time and obviously that was leaving her with her mom so he could go and get himself together so he can be the father he needs to be.his ex wife pulling the death of Paul Walker into it just shows she is grasping at straws to keep her daughter and it is WRONG on so many levels,makes you wonder if she is stable enough to raise their daughter. A real woman would sit down with Tyrese and talk and work out a custody arrangement that’s best for their child. All I want say to Tyrese is hold your head up high and do what you think is best for your daughter and believe me when I say it won’t be long until she can be of age and tell who she wants to live with. Time flies and before you know it she will be old enough to say herself who she wants to live with in the mean time be there for her when she needs you and in the end you will come out on top. No matter how mad you get at her mother always respect her and show your daughter you are NOT that man her mom is trying to make you out to be. Be a constant in your daughters life no matter the situation between you and her mother. And know Paul should NOT have been brought into this situation,she did it to hurt you,she should be ashamed for bringing Paul into this,that was low and disrespectful to you,but what she doesn’t realize is that everything she does to disrespect you her daughter will hold it against her. Tyrese you keep doing you,and do what’s best for your daughter,always number 1 your daughter.. Good Luck….

  3. Danielle   February 2, 2014 at 9:21 pm

    This is absolutely ridiculous!! She should be more than ashamed of herself for putting Paul’s name into a child custody battle. First of all, Paul has NOTHING to do with her, Tyrese or the child. Second, Paul was Tyrese’s best friend. He was DEVASTATED over the loss of a ‘brother’. He was depressed and had to deal with his depression. And, from what I’ve seen, he is an AMAZING father. She seems unstable, in my opinion, for dragging a dead man (may he rest in peace) into her custody battle.

  4. nate brown   February 2, 2014 at 7:38 pm

    Does no one edit or proof story submissions? This reads like a train wreck.


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