Pharrell Williams Gives Tips for Youthful Looking Skin

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It has been reported that Google has been receiving searches asking if Pharrell Williams is a vampire so often that the man himself addressed the frequently asked question. “No, I am not” he replied, but then why are so many people typing it into a Google search? It may have to do with his youthful skin, and at 40, he admittedly looks much younger than he is. So what is his secret? Pharrell stated that his skin care routine consists of simply washing his face, and that is it. He later  delved a little deeper into what he actually does to keep his skin looking so youthful though, and gave some tips in his recent interview with Into The Gloss.

Pharrell said that everything he knows about skin care, he learned from supermodel, Naomi Campbell. She advised Pharrell to see a dermatologist and start using better, high-end products. Pharrell heeded Campbell’s advice and the results can be seen for themselves.

Pharrell recommends using Cetaphil and Glyton Self-Foaming Cleanser, along with a moisturizer and toner approved by a dermatologist to keep skin looking youthful. The Cetaphil line is known to be gentle and it is widely recommended by dermatologists as well as skin care professionals. The company offers a variety of products based on individual needs, whether skin is acne-prone, oily, dry, or eczema-prone and if a person suffers from rosacea or psoriasis, there is a product to help. Cetaphil has a wide range of cleansers and moisturizers to suit most people’s needs. The Glyton Self-Foaming Cleanser is made from non-irritating ingredients and the self-foaming material clears away dirt, allowing the skin to breathe while effectively removing dirt and oil.

Toners and moisturizers are often a big part of beauty regimens for people wanting to keep their skin looking young. As Pharrell knows, dermatologist-recommended products usually earn their reputation by proving that they work over time.

One of Pharrell’s tips is to use a good toner as they are important to prepare skin for moisturizers. They clear away any excess dirt or dead skin and allow skin to be free from any dampness so that they can absorb the important nutrients in moisturizers. Dermatologists usually recommend alcohol-free toners for most people, as they are more gentle and will not dry out skin as much as toners that contain alcohol. Toners also come in varieties according to skin types, so it is important to find the right one to suit the type of skin it is being used on.

Moisturizers are similar, in that they also come in varieties for different skin types. One person can use up to three or four different moisturizers in a day, although it may not be necessary for everyone. There are different kinds of moisturizers for face, eyes and body as well as day and night creams. Night creams tend to be heavier than day creams. Some people even change their moisturizers depending on the season or the weather. People living in colder climates, with dry winters, may feel that they need extra moisturization in the winter. However, in the summer, their winter moisturizers may be too heavy and they may opt for a lighter moisturizer, perhaps one with SPF.

Not every product and beauty regimen will work for everyone. A dermatologist can help individuals figure out what kind of products to use based on their skin type and needs. If people want to have youthful looking skin like Pharrell’s at age 40, his tips may help, but his genes probably have something to do with it as well. Although, If he still looks this young at age 50, it might not be a bad idea to take another look into the vampire theory again.

By Lian Morrison


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