Pharrell Williams to Blur the Lines of Music and Culture

pharrell williams

Pharrell’s past and recent successes with some of the biggest hits of our generation, puts the award-winning artist, producer, entrepreneur in to category that very managed to achieve. His recent successful collaboration with Robin Thicke on the hit single, Blurred Lines, has once again allowed Pharrell to make a cross-cultural impact that lands itself somewhere between song of the year and timeless classic. Pharrell Williams’ constant success has garnered him critical acclaim as he hones his aesthetical abilities in multiple avenues and aims to further blur the lines between music genres and culture.

Until recent times, many artist that began their careers in the hip-hop genre have struggled to make the commercial impact that garners pop cultural icon status, Pharrell is obviously not one of those artist. His industry start is difficult to pinpoint as it begins back collaborating with the legendary Teddy Riley on Wreckx-N-Effect’s Rump Shaker. Pharrell started to make an impact producing with his longtime friend Chad Hugo, working with a number of artist from the likes of Brittany Spears to his own successful hard-core rap artist The Clipse under his The Neptunes production alias. Not before long, singing background vocals in addition to his solo career and video appearances, Pharrell became a household name.

From his Star Trek label, to his Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream clothing line, Pharrell has always been a trendsetter and musical innovator, which allows him to blur the lines of music and culture. So there is no question of why he is one of the names mentioned when it comes to the pioneers within this musical era. His influence has spread past the hip-hop culture and into most aspects of the American popular culture; with today’s monumental stars like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus embracing the once strictly inclusive hip-hop culture in efforts of making their own footprints in the sand. Pharrell even has a close musical relationship with the phenomenal DJs that lead the Electronic French House genre that has impacted the globe.

Williams is known for reinventing himself in a way that very few artist have managed to do, which has allowed him to remain in the industry longer than the average participant. In a Complex magazine article, he attributes his renovation to his perspective awareness with the universe’s constant changing. Although he has received strife from his fashion choice at the Grammy’s, it’s choice like his hat that allow him to freely go in any direction he chooses; and although the world criticizes it, he reaffirms himself by wearing out it again to the New York Fashion Week event. Just recently he appeared as a representative at the RAW for Oceans eco-friendly fashion event.

Recently, on Snoop Dogg’s Double G News Network web video, he and Pharrell sit down and discuss one another’s industry success and longevity, as the two have collaborated with each other on past projects. The two went into where they stand in the cultures and society and how they gear towards something greater than the immediate reality, if even for a moment, when creating their music. Both Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams help to blur the lines of music and culture by reaching for something greater in their work without denying the changes that come with time and age as one grows old, hopefully one grows wise.

By Michael Augustine

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