Philip Seymour Hoffman Bags of Heroin Discovered in Apartment

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Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died at the age 46 this past weekend. The Academy Award winner was discovered dead in his Manhattan apartment on Super Bowl Sunday of an drug overdose. Authorities believe heroin was the cause of death. When law enforcement officials investigated the home of Hoffman, a discovery of dozens bags of heroin was located.  A saddening end to a brilliant career.

Whether you loved him in Capote, or hated him in Boogie Nights, there will be no more acting, and no more bows to the crowd from this talented performer. His brilliant displays of on-screen magic will certainly be missed by many. A skilled method actor who fully immersed himself in the wells of his craft, time and time again.

From the mid 90’s until his recent and untimely death, Hoffman has contributed to a great number of films, not only in front of the camera, but also behind it, like his 2010 directorial debut Jack Goes Boating. He has shared the silver screen with too many stars to name. From thrillers like Ides of March with George Clooney, to playing Oakland A’s manager Art Howe, along side Brad Pitt in the film Money Ball.

From cult leader to violinist – no genre, nor film budget threatened his range, or ability to raise the bar of excellence on any project, big or small that Hoffman decided to venture in to.

Hoffman was seen purchasing tissue and soda at a grocery store around 10:30 Saturday morning, and then later that evening he was spotted at a bank ATM near his West Village apartment. A witness reports Hoffman then was seen suspiciously meeting with two men wearing messenger bags, in what looked like to be, a transaction of purchasing drugs. Investigators are interviewing the clerk at the store for more information.

The man told police the actor looked “very sweaty” and not at his best.

Hoffman was found by his friend and fellow screenwriter deceased around 11 Sunday morning, police said. Sources state a needle was stuck in his arm, and that police are investigating if the heroin could be tainted. A drug that has been tied to numerous deaths around the country, due to a tainted batch being released.

Hoffman's body removed from his home.
Hoffman’s body removed from his home.

Investigators scoured the apartment of the late actor and sources reported dozens of filled envelopes from empty bags of heroin and prescription drugs were found in Hoffman’s apartment. The prescription drugs discovered included Vynase which helps patients to control attention-deficit disorder, a muscle relaxer by the name of Methocarbamol, a high blood pressure medication named Clonidine and others. Investigators are currently releasing little information, as the investigation is underway.

The heroine recovered in the apartment was labeled as “Ace of Spades.” Investigators are working to determine the source of the drug, which may lead to later arrests. Mayor de Blasio is just as heartbroken as other fans who followed Hoffman’s work. de Blasio called Hoffman a “quintessential New Yorker,” when he spoke on the Brian Lehrer radio show Monday morning, featured on radio channel, WNYC.  He called heroin the “demon of substance abuse.”

Hoffman was always transparent of the troubles and skeletons he faced within his own mind. He admitted in previous interviews to falling back into old habits. A habit that lead to his eventual death. Fans around the world mourn this lost talent, a genius with a script – an eclectic soul that marked brilliance every time he crossed the screen.

The Oscar Winner leaves behind his estranged partner of 15 years, Mimi O’Donnell and their three children. Hoffman is dead, but his memories, his impact will live on in his millions of fans who try to understand how such a brilliant light could become diminished, alone, in his apartment.

By Aaron Thompson

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