Volcano Mount Sinabung Eruption

The eruption of Indonesia’s volcano, Mount Sinabung, caused 16 deaths on Saturday, February 1.  The volcano recently became active and exploded, covering the sky with lava, heavy smoke, debris and ashes in North Sumatra, Indonesia. The Mount Sinabung volcano is one of the active volcanos in the “ring of fire” on the Pacific Ocean.  The volcanoes in the ring of fire are highly active and monitored by geologists for any activity.  This volcano is just one of Indonesia’s 130 active volcanoes and is on prime tectonic fault lines.

The volcano has had multiple eruptions since September, 2013; however, this is the only time an eruption of Mount Sinabung has resulted in deaths, as well as covering the area with debris.  The rescue search teams started looking for survivors on Sunday. According to Jakarta’s English Post, the  eruption has caused around 31 deaths related to illnesses such as asthma and hypertension.  In the previous month, more than 22,000 from the surrounding areas were relocated to temporary places due to the unpredictability of the violent volcanic eruptions.  However, some were allowed to go back home last Friday.

The Indonesian emergency response director, Billy Sumuan, said due to the recent violent volcanic activity, more than 16 villages were evacuated and around 30,000 had been placed into temporary evacuation centers.  The unpredictability of the volcanic activity has displaced people from the area.  The people who died in Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung eruption resided inside a three kilometer radius.  Furthermore, people who died in the calamity were tourists, journalists, volunteers, students, teachers and local people who were allowed to return to check upon their homes in the region.  Geologists’ inaccuracy about the eruption time had led to the loss of those who returned home a day before the volcanic eruption.  The village of Sukameriah was covered with molten debris, and ash in the atmosphere burned people.


According to Sumuan, the Indonesian government had issued the highest amount of warning for the latest volcanic eruption.  People were not supposed to be within  5 kilometers of the volcano’s region.  The day after the explosion, rescue agencies, government and non-government humanitarian agencies, local churches, and World Vision, were sent to the scene to help out those affected.

The Mount Sinabung eruption spewed lava, hot rocks and debris at 100 kilometers per hour, destroying everything in its path.  It coated more than 2,000 meters of the atmosphere.  Rescue workers have said that more than 50 people are missing after the violent volcanic eruption.

In the Pacific Ocean’s “ring of fire,” in 2010, Mount Merapi exploded in the province of Java, Indonesia.  The volcanic eruption was considered as Indonesia’s most incurable devastation.  It killed more than 350 people and displaced 150,000 people.  Geologists continue to monitor any volcanic activity in Indonesia’s volatile geological region.  The problem is that  it is unpredictable to clearly point out the exact timing of the catastrophes.  It was without enough warning that the Saturday eruption of the volcano, Mount Sinabung, occurred.  The deadly volcano thundered huge lava explosions, and the 8,530 foot volcano covered the region with thick molten debris.  The earlier eruptions since September were sporadic and were not as devastating as this one.  Indonesia’s volcano Mount Sinabung claimed 16 lives, injured several seriously, and dislocated thousands .

By Iqra Amjad



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