Philip Seymour Hoffman Death Update: Four People Arrested

Philip Seymour HoffmanIn an update on Philip Seymour Hoffman, CNN reports that four people have been arrested. Officials have stated that the four were connected to the drugs that were found in the apartment with the late actor.

The late actor was found dead in his apartment on February 2 from a suspected heroin overdose. He was a recovering heroin addict, and many have been trying to piece together his final days to understand how this could have happened. There is still no confirmation about the cause of death, although the autopsy is undergoing and the results should be released very soon.

The heroin suspicions come from the fact that the 46-year-old actor was lying on the bathroom floor with a syringe in his arm. There were also 50 envelopes around the apartment that officials believe to be heroin. According to sources, glassine-type bags and used syringes were also found in the apartment, hinting that the actor had not successfully kicked the habit after his stint in rehab.

From the drugs in the apartment, the police were led to an apartment where350 glassine-type bags were found, which they believed to contain heroin. Three men and one woman were arrested at the scene but the case is still ongoing. The four people arrested is just the most recent update in the death of Hoffman, but officials cannot share any more information yet.

Heroin has been in the news a lot lately due to the high number of deaths from the substance. The drugs found in the Hunger Games actor’s home were tested for a substance called fentanyl, which is used for patients with cancer. Various batches of the drugs around the country have been found to contain traces of it and is reportedly responsible for 37 deaths since September 2013. Out of those deaths, 22 were in Pennsylvania just last month.

Hoffman’s batches have not shown traces of the substance, which has led to the question of the amount of heroin he took at the time of death. This is something that the autopsy will determine in an attempt to tell whether the drug was a key reason for his early death.

The police have been tracing the Oscar-winning actor’s final steps to understand more about his death. The day before his death, he had withdrawn $1,200 and a witness informed officials that he was talking to two men with messenger bags around 8 pm.

Hoffman has been dealing with substance and alcohol addiction since his teenage years. When he was 22, he feared it would end his life and decided to give it up—with some help. However, last year, he admitted that he was back on the drugs, including prescription drugs, and just two weeks ago he told John Arundel, a magazine writer, that he was a heroin addict. Arundel explained that it seemed more like a revelation for the actor than an outright admission of guilt.

The investigation is continuing and police are searching for any clues that will tell them about the batch of heroin and where it has come from. The arrest of the four people is just the latest update in the death of Hoffman, but may not be the last.

By Alexandria Ingham



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