Egypt Still a Land of Many Mysteries

EgyptEgypt, the land of pyramids and Pharaohs, is truly still the land of many mysteries. Known for its wealth of culture and rich history, yet distinguished by the majestic monuments that never cease to amaze.  It has become a universal reaction to quickly visualize the pyramids just as the word Egypt comes up. A totally justified reaction perhaps as these very pyramids have been the source of both wonder and astonishment for many. Further explorations reveal that there might be many more such hidden mysterious yet to be revealed.

No one knows for sure how the pyramids came to be. Their brilliant design and construction is considered to have been far ahead of their time. It is rather difficult to imagine how such magnificent monuments were created keeping in mind the limited tools present then. Not only were they tailored to stand tall, they were also modeled to stand the test of time which is apparent from the fact that even after thousands of years they have retained their original splendor. Excavations and expeditions have to some degree revealed the purpose these pyramids serve. Coffins and sarcophagus were found hidden deep inside the pyramids which belonged to the ancient pharaohs revealing the sites to be royal burial grounds. Just as the world seemed to move closer to uncovering the mysteries shrouding the land, a new finding reinstated the fact that Egypt still is a land of many mysteries.

The can be said due to the recent discovery of many step pyramids in southern Egypt that seem to date as far back as 4,600 years. This indicates that the step pyramids have been in existence for even longer than the great pyramids themselves. Though originally built as tall as 40 feet, unlike the other pyramids pillaging and wither have reduced these step pyramids to only about 16 feet tall. It is not clear exactly under whose rule they came to be but the pyramids could have been constructed under Pharaoh Snefru or Huni. What is surprising is the fact that all of these step pyramids, which are seven in total, have similar structure and characteristics. Almost all of these have identical dimensions of about 60 feet by 61 feet and seem to have served the same purpose.

The interior of these pyramids is nothing like that of the great pyramids because they are without the internal chamber ruling out the possibility of being burial sites. With not many details available the purpose of the pyramids remain ambiguous although certain theories have been proposed. It could be that the pyramids were a symbol to affirm the power of the pharaoh or as certain evidence suggests could have been a site for offerings. Archaeologists suggest that these pyramids might have later been abandoned in favor of the great pyramids and the entire focus and attention was diverted from them.

The explanations presented as to why these step pyramids came to be might seem plausible but the real truth behind the mystery has yet to surface. Egypt has always enchanted the world with its secrets and the current development suggests that it still is a land that contains many more mysteries.

By Hammad Ali

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