Puppy Bowl America’s Top 10 Favorite Dog Breeds


Puppy Bowl Champ, Lab tops America's list.

On Super Bowl Sunday, some will opt to tune in to the Puppy Bowl marathon for a more warm and furry competition. Recently, a new champion was crowned in America, naming Uncle Sam’s favorite four-legged friend. Dog-breeds.com has recently released a top 10 of America’s most popular dog breeds. The winner: The Labrador Retriever.

The Labrador Retriever has perennially been a dominant breed. Since 2002, this breed has emerged as the “top dog”. Labradors are popular because they are great family dogs and great working dogs. Labradors are intelligent, friendly and easy to groom. Furthermore, Labrador Retrievers are excellent hunters, trackers and swimmers. These canines can do it all! Plus, they come in a variety of colors ranging from yellow to chocolate. For eleven consecutive years, the Labrador Retriever is America’s favorite dog breed.

Following in second is the German Shepherd. The German Shepherd, like Labradors, are very active and wonderful working dogs. German Shepherds are also fantastic watch dogs. Shepherds still possess a great sense of cognition and, are gentle and patient with children. This breed is embraced avidly by the law enforcement community. Police use these pooches to complete a variety of tasks, otherwise nearly impossible to meet. Shepherds have a keen sense of smell and are highly intelligent. German Shepherds have a high level of intellect and a thirst for physical activity. These dogs need constant stimulation, and as a result can be difficult to keep.

The cousin of the Labrador Retriever, the Golden Retriever came in third. Golden Retrievers exhibit similar personality traits to that of their Canadian cousins. However, Golden Retrievers can be difficult to groom. These hairy canines shed significant amounts of hair and, can pose as potential trouble for any allergy sufferers. Their personalities, however, make them an American favorite. Rounding out the top five of the 10 were, the beagle at four and the bulldog at five. Both of these breeds are prone to weight gain and must be exercised frequently to offset the risk. Beagles are known for their passive and mellow disposition. However, beagles can be frisky and experience outbursts. The most recent winner of Puppy Bowl IX was Marta, a beagle mix. Bulldogs, are known as lazy and slovenly. The English breed is characterized as easy-going and tranquil. Due to their facial structure, bulldogs are prone to many cardiovascular ailments. Thus, many bulldogs live short lives.

Six through ten featured an intriguing mix of breeds. The Yorkshire Terrier was listed at number six, followed by the Boxer at number seven. The Poodle was listed at eight, followed by the Rottweiler at nine and then the Dachshund at 10. Each of these favorite breeds are distinct in their own right. The Yorkshire Terrier makes a great lap dog. The Boxer, always a favorite, is a wonderful family dog, and gets along great with children. Poodles are a low-maintenance breed that do not require much grooming. Poodles are also hypoallergenic, serving as a great alternative for dog lovers who suffer from allergies.

The Rottweiler was the ninth breed on this furry list. Rottweilers, historically have a bad reputation. Dog-breeds.com has shown that this reputation is nothing more than a myth. Needless to say, Rottweilers are exceptional watch dogs. What many do not know is that  Rottweilers are “gentle giants”. The powerful and strong “Rotty” has a kind heart. The German pedigree is a very loving animal. The same can be said for the “hot dog” that is listed at number 10. The Dachshund is a miniature breed. What Dachshunds lack in size, they make up for in heart. Dachshunds are tenacious, intelligent and curious creatures. These German exports come in a short-hired variety and a wire-haired variety. A major drawback of owning these loyal canines is their wariness of strangers. Nevertheless, a Dachshund makes a great friend and companion.

The champion of the Puppy Bowl has been crowned. America’s favorite dog breed, first in the top 10, is the Labrador Retriever. Will the Labrador continue its dominance in 2014? The country holds its’ breath, as it waits for the unveiling of the 2015 list. For now, another year of friendship and love from your dog. This blessing is the most precious prize of all.


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By Keith Fuchs

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