Quentin Tarantino Reviving The Hateful Eight?

Quentin Tarantino Reviving The Hateful Eight?

Looks like none of those “ten other stories” that Quentin Tarantino had up his sleeve sounded as good as his Western homage The Hateful Eight and he may be reviving it from the realms of the shelf. The Pulp Fiction director threw a fit earlier when a website got hold of his draft first script of the film that he says was to be a homage to The Magnificent Seven and leaked it all over the Internet.

Tarantino was so angry that he sued one website for directing its readers to the offending site which displayed the pages of his script. He also sued the site that had made the script available to all and sundry. The 50 year-old “independent” filmmaker had given out copies of his script to six people and out of all of them, only Tim Roth, escaped being “accused” of leaking Tarantino’s work. Hollywood legend, Bruce Dern’s agent was thought to be the culprit although it was never really made public, even after Quentin demanded that someone “named names.”

Out of the six, three were actors that Tarantino has worked with previously, 77 year-old Dern in Django Unchained; Tim Roth in Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs; and Michael Madsen in Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill 2. The writer/director spoke of his depression after the leaking of the script and he vowed to never make the Western. He also said that he would release it as a book and that he had “ten other script ideas” that he could choose from for his next feature film.

Rumor has it, though, that Quentin Tarantino is going to revive The Hateful Eight. This good bit of news was mentioned by Jeff Sneider, that chap from The Wrap, who tweeted that his sources have said that the now not-so-angry director has had a chat with old Tarantino favorite Samuel L. Jackson. Sneider does stress that at this point it is just rumor.

Looking at just how well Quentin’s Django Unchained performed at the box office, he may have had time to reconsider the shelving idea for The Hateful Eight. Before anyone gets too excited by the prospect of the film being made now that Tarantino has had time to cool down, it wouldn’t hurt to recall that Jackson’s name was bandied about pretty freely before it got out that he had not been approached at all for this previously “secret” project.

On the plus side Sneider also tweeted that Jackson’s rep has not responded to any questioning. This could be seen as a very wise move considering what happened the last time someone spoke, or leaked, out of turn. There have also been whispers that Christoph Waltz has been approached, but that, could just be wishful thinking.

Of course the entire rumor that Tarantino is planning on reviving The Hateful Eight does smack of wishful thinking in and of itself. While on this wish fulfillment theme, it does excite the imagination to think that Bruce Dern, who made more Westerns as a villain than John Wayne had kids, grandkids and great-grandkids, could be back in the saddle again. Not in a tiny cameo but in a big beefy part. Dern has been doing a lot of non-western films and it would be nice to see him in “nasty mode” once more; like the cowboy who shot Duke Wayne in the back in The Cowboys. No one could play cowboy baddies better than Dern.

There is an old saying that goes, “if wishes were horses, beggars would ride” and it seems very apt that this sort of wish fulfillment saying can be applied to another Quentin Tarantino Western starring Bruce Dern, Samuel L, Jackson and, possibly, Christoph Waltz. Reviving The Hateful Eight may be an electric pipe dream, but, after the smoke of the lawsuits settle, it may just happen. Yippie-Ki-yay…

By Michael Smith