Benedict Cumberbatch Solved Apple Mystery on Sesame Street


Benedict Cumberbatch played Sherlock Holmes and solved a mystery about apples in a clip from the children’s show, Sesame Street. Today PBS posted a video of Cumberbatch using his sleuthing skills to help Count von Count and Murray the Monster figure out if there are more apples or oranges on the table. In the video, Murray calls Cumberbatch Sherlock and he quickly corrects the monster. Murray then makes a reference to the last episode of Sherlock Holmes by asking Cumberbatch if he missed him. Murray asks him if there are more apples or oranges on the table. Cumberbatch is stumped and asks The Count for help. The two count both sets of fruit and find out that there are more apples than oranges. Cumberland taped the video in January along with a video with Amanda Abbington about the new season of Sherlock Holmes for a television critics meeting in California.

Cumberbatch may have solved the apple mystery on Sesame Street, but he was not the only celebrity on the children’s show; many actors, actresses, singers and other well-known people made their appearance on Sesame Street. In 2010, Jennifer Garner appeared on the show with Elmo; the two talked about stretching. Michelle Obama made an appearance in 2009 to teach children how to plant their own garden; this appearance was made to promote her Partnership for a Healthier America.

David Beckham went on the children’s show to teach children about what it means to be persistent; in the skit he explains the word while Elmo tries to get him to play soccer. Johnny Cash appeared many times on the show; one of these times he taught a construction worker about flooding and then sang his song, Five Feet High and Rising. Yo Yo Ma appeared on the show as well; he played his cello with a trumpet playing owl named Hoot.

Julie Brown, also known as Downtown Julie Brown, played a reporter on the show to talk about the Worm World Music Festival for WormTV. Usher sang a new rendition of the alphabet with the help of some furry monsters. In the song, he goes through the alphabet and adds movements to them. Ryan Reynolds dresses up as a big blue letter A and sings with some of the monsters about the letter A to the tune of the A-Team theme. In 2004, Seth Green appeared in a skit where he played, Vinny, a salesman for the letter of the month club. Tony Danza played a game of tennis with Big Bird on the show; The Backstreet Boys sang One Small Voice with Elmo in 2002. In 2011, Emma Stone taught children about balance with some help from Abby Cadabby.

Benedict Cumberbatch solved an apple mystery on Sesame Street with help from two characters. In the video, Cumberbatch counts apples and oranges with Murry and Count von Count to determine if there are more apples or oranges. By the end of the video, all three of them learned that there were more apples than oranges. The air date for the clip has not been determined.

By Jordan Bonte

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