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On a less frequented part of the website Reddit, there exists a subreddit called “casualama” where yesterday, one Redditor said he can see the future and will answer anything that anyone asks him about it. Actually, to be more specific, this Redditor who goes by the name “DreamTravelerBC” says that for the past six months he has dreamed he is in the year 2044, in his own body. He also clarified some important information through an edit to his original post:

“All my knowledge of “the future” come from 6 months of DREAMS. So take everything with a grain of salt.”

Having clarified that, DreamTravelerBC’s information provided is startlingly specific, with predictions beginning as short as three years from now (World War III). The answers are so intriguing that this casual AMA (ask me anything) makes for an immensely interesting and entertaining read, regardless of whether or not anything is to be believed.

Questions about space travel:

A Redditor named “KennedyKilledtheMob” asked, “How is space travel doing? Is it all privatized? Do we have a martian colony? Aliens?” True to his word, the time traveling Redditor who can see the future and will answer anything came to his call of duty.

“We have landed on Mars, three times actually. No colonies there. One colony on the moon with several people staying there. America and Russia are space buddies now. Private companies help out a lot with the smaller tasks.”

A moon colony could be pretty exciting. A Redditor who goes by “makeshiftpatriot” asked the next logical question. “Have there been any tragic moon colony-related deaths?”

“One guy’s suit malfunctioned. Died almost instantly. Everyone up there had to stay inside until they figured out what happened.”

Well, that is not quite as good. DreamTravelerBC also clarified that all of the moon colonists are scientists. It seems that the year 2044 is still too soon for there to be a luxury tourist resort in place. It is also interesting to note that since there are no colonies on Mars in the year 2044, it means that the Mars One operation did not pan out the way the organization planned.

Also, humanity has still not made open contact with any extraterrestrial species. At least, none that DreamTravelerBC knows of.

Questions about daily life:

“What do you see in the year 2048?” asks MikeMo243.

“People, robots (Not Androids), cars. Mostly normal stuff. Though technology has advanced to a good point.”

DreamTravelerBC also elaborates that Tesla cars have made it big and buying stock is not necessarily a bad idea (although he once again reiterates that buying stock based on his dreams is something you do at your own risk). Unfortunately, they do get bought out in the year 2028 so it might be a good investment only until then. He also explains about an invention called “Dreambands,” which are placed around a person’s head as they sleep and send electronic impulses to the brain to provide more vivid dreams. Unfortunately, DreamTravelerBC says that Back to the Future hover boards still do not exist, but he does use Windows 40 for work and Windows Ultra for more casual stuff.

“What’s the most obvious difference between then and now?” asks a Redditor named “persephonesleeps.”

“Technology is literally integrated in everything. There are very few 3rd world countries now. And robots are more common. Especially in the better off households.”

This does not sound too far fetched given the current expanding pace of technology and the work that is being done on robotics today. However, he also clarifies that the robots that do exist do not yet have emotions. That much is still being researched.

Questions about the world:

World War III started in the year 2017 and only lasted three and half years. It was the U.S., Canada, Britain, Germany and Russia versus China, India, Iran and Mongolia on the other side. Most of the fighting took place in the middle east and a terrorist group sets off a nuke in Istanbul. According to DreamTravelerBC, buying war bonds is a simple and easy thing anyone can invest in today to make good money in the near future, although once again, do so at your own risk. Apparently, the draft does come back into play in the year 2015 although it is not used until the end of 2017. The good thing about all of this information surrounding World War III is that if it any or all of it comes to pass, then it will become clear soon enough whether DreamTravelerBC’s predictions are real.

What about North Korea?

“North Korea just falls apart shortly after WWIII. China takes in some people, South Korea and America take in some as well. Takes 5 years to get North Korea sorta running again. Talks are actually happening to see if they can become one nation again.”

To be more specific, 2026 is the year when North Korea begins to fall apart and 2031 is when it is officially over. There is a general hatred towards Korean immigrants at this point. The Philippines also get taken over by China during World War III and Japan becomes neutral.

A map created by a Redditor named “north_coaster” depicting Earth in 2044 as described by DreamTravelerBC. Disclaimer: This map is a good representation, but not 100 percent accurate to the actual story.

There is still no cure for cancer, although fewer people are dying from it and normal life expectancy is over 100 years of age. Also, a big explosion happens in the DC Metro on May 2nd, 2033 so stay clear of it that night.

Obama dies in the year 2039 due to heart complications and is remembered by the majority as being the first black President of the U.S.A. The first female President is elected in 2026 and although she only completes one term, she leaves on a positive note. On another positive point, the climate has become slightly better although summers are becoming shorter. And of course, both marijuana and same-sex marriage have become 100 percent legal.

Lastly, as an advice or warning, DreamTravelerBC says the following.

“Learn to fly. As soon as the green engine becomes more common (mid 20’s) airlines become a much cheaper and common method of travel. Lot’s of pilots hired.”

Although magazines and books are still around, digital copies have become the norm and newspapers are gone altogether (at least in print form). E-cigarettes also become the new norm although regular tobacco can still be purchased, it is just really expensive. Perhaps the most important question was posed by a Redditor named “crazyeasy” who asked, “Robots… What about the Robot uprising? So say we all.” In true Battlestar Galactica fashion, DreamTravelerBC responded:

“Don’t worry. Toasters aren’t around yet.”

Justin Bieber is no longer making news headlines and the NSA still exists, although they are not as hungry for information. A cup of coffee costs around $4.00 and Pizza Hut is still a great place to get pizza, although whether Domino’s is still around is unknown. Gas costs about $5.00 per gallon (roughly $2.07 per liter for metric countries), but not to worry because most people either drive electric or hydrogen cars. Anyone who lives in California might want to get out soon because there are going to be a lot of big issues (although what these are have not been elaborated on). Canada also still appears to be a safe place to live.

Finally, the one biggest question posed by Ben347 asks “How do you know it isn’t 2048 and you just fall asleep and travel to the year 2014?”

Perhaps everyone who is alive today is only part of a dream and the year 2044 is really the reality. The thread is still alive and active, so if anyone reading this article wants to ask a Redditor who can see the future and will answer anything a question, now would be a good time to do so. Check the sources at the bottom of this article for a link.

By Jonathan Holowka


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