Republican Party’s Top Figures Support Chris Christie

Republican PartySome of the Republican Parties top figures have voiced their belief that Chris Christie should not have to step down from his position as the chairman of the parties Republican Govenors Association. Christie is currently under scrutiny and investigation for his alleged role in traffic jams on the George Washington Bridge that were apparently retaliation for lack of political support.

New York City’s former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Wisconsin U.S. Representative Paul Ryan and Louisiana Govenor Bobby Jindal were adamant in their support for Christie, some political pundits even described their actions as going on the offensive to try and put the state legislative committee (and its Democratic chairman) on the defensive.

Like anything involving Christie these days and this scandal part of the story is related to his potential run for president in 2016. In other Chrisite news, he was booed at Times Square on Saturday during an appearance.

Giuliani appeared on “Face the Nation” a CBS news program where he not only supported Christie, but he also tried to undermine the credibility of two of the major figures in this scandal. He said that David Wildstein, the ex-Port Authority executive, is a man of questionable motives and also criticized John Wisniewski, the man leading the stat’s investigation.

The former governor said that Wildstein does not want to pay the legal bills he is accumulating and needs to incriminate Christie in order to get someone else to pay the bills. Wildstein said on Friday that there is evidence that Christie knew about the traffic jams as they were going on.

Wisniewski defended his position, saying that Giulian and other Republicans are not fully aware of his statements on the case. “I’ve said [] I have skepticism about the governor’s statement. I haven’t said that the governor has responsibility for this. I haven’t said that the governor knew when this was happening.”

The Democrats have not stayed out of this story. On Sunday, The Democratic National Committee posted an add online that satirically bashes the New Jersey governor and relates his exploits to the Super Bowl.

Following Giuliani as a top Republican Party figure to support Christie, Paul Ryan said that you must always give the “benefit of the doubt in [these] kinds of situation,” because nothing has been proven. He also said so far the case is just one person’s word against another’s. Jindal’s comments were fairly vanilla; he merely said that Democrats who want him to step down as the head of RGA do not realize that he doesn’t have more power then any other governor.

In the last few weeks the message from the Christie camp has been unequivocal. He is not stepping down or seeding ground. There have been many supporters who have been trying to discredit Wildstein’s remarks. Now top Republican Party members have shown that not only will the party stand behind the feeling that the case against the governor is weak but that the governor should not back down from any of his positions and should continue to his job for the state and for the Republican Party.

By Nick Manai

Seattle PI

NY Times

Chicago Tribune

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