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Robin Thicke and his high school sweetheart Paula Patton reportedly split last Friday, announced the separation on Monday, went back to their careers this week and now he seems to be spilling the beans about the split. Although the singer used his official website to thank his fans for the support and to announce his upcoming performance in Washington, DC on Thursday, he was also the one to follow his spouse to Canada, where she was filming and talk her out of getting divorced. Rumor has it that Thicke could not change his wife’s mind, but he was spotted on Sunday with his son at Disneyland with the wedding ring on.

The singer and the actress have been together since he was 14 years old, but the love seems to have faded after his alleged infidelity and partying. Thicke cancelled three concerts in Atlanta, Orlando and in North Carolina and even though he blamed the cancellations on vocal trouble, flying to Vancouver to have a long, face-to-face discussion with his wife unintentionally caused the singer to spill the beans about the split through grand gestures and point the finger at the culprit.

Sources connected to the couple told TMZ that Patton announced Thicke she wanted to end the marriage and try as he might, the singer could not convince his wife to give him another chance.

“The Miley Cyrus fiasco was a big test of their relationship,” an insider told Us Weekly.

The same source stated that the singer begged his spouse to stand by him and defend not only him, but also the performance and she accepted. Rumor has it that the appearance at the Grammy Awards was also a “favor,” and although the couple declared they are still madly in love after a lifetime together, a joint statement was released to People on Monday, in which Thicke and Patton confirmed their separation after more than eight years of marriage.

“We will always love each other and be best friends, however, we have mutually decided to separate at this time,” the statement said.

Robin Thicke unintentionally spilled the beans about the split when he flew to Vancouver on Friday to convince his wife not to divorce and when he was spotted wearing the wedding ring during a trip to “the happiest place on Earth” with his son, on Sunday.

Paula Patton’s first post-split appearance will happen this weekend, because E! Entertainment disclosed the fact that the actress is going to present at the Independent Spirit Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday. At the moment, Thicke’s wife is in Vancouver shooting her next movie, Warcraft, with actors Dominic Cooper and Ben Foster. Meanwhile, the actor has allegedly refused to give up on his marriage and hopes for a reconciliation.

“Those are my lips,” the singer told Elle about Patton kissing other men on-screen.

The singer declared his love for Patton multiple times, including in an interview with Elle in October 2013 when he admitted that he is a jealous man when it comes to his wife, but loves her dearly. Robin Thicke spilled the beans about the split not through words, but gestures when he bailed on his concert on Friday and flew to Vancouver to reconcile with his spouse.

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