Samsung Galaxy S5 Aiming to Outdo iPhone 5S

Samsung Galaxy S5

A launch date is planned for the Samsung Galaxy S5 on Monday, at which Apple’s biggest competitor will reveal its newest addition, a phone which they undoubtedly hope will help them pull ahead in their race against Apple. It is apparent that with this phone, Samsung is aiming to match their competition’s current successes, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C, and with all luck, also outdo them. There is doubt about whether Samsung will be able to keep up with Apple entirely, as Apple plans to release its iPhone 6 in the next few months, likely this upcoming fall. In all probability, according to sources, the iPhone 6 is likely to surpass the Samsung Galaxy 5S in design and advancements.

The revealing of the new Samsung product will be held in Barcelona at the Mobile World Conference. Reportedly, the new phone has improved features such as a waterproof exterior, and also a new dust proof design (for those who can set their phones down long enough for them to collect dust, that is).

In addition, as it is aiming to outdo the iPhone 5S, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will supposedly be featuring a fingerprint scanner for an added layer of security, which the iPhone 5S also has. This will be an update to the pattern locks and passwords of previous phones like the Galaxy S4 and S3. It is possible that the new phone may also include eye-scanning technology, although this has not yet been confirmed.

It is speculated that the camera and battery life of the phone are going to be improved in this new model. As well, the processor of the phone will be faster, according to sources. It will likely have a 64-bit chip, equivalent to the one in Apple’s iPhone 5S.

At the event on Monday, it has been rumored that Samsung may be unveiling a new smartwatch as well. This would likely be the Galaxy Gear 2, the second generation latest model update to the original Galaxy Gear, which launched on Sept. 25 of last year.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 likely will not be available for purchase until mid-March, according to reports, but tomorrow’s unveiling should at least give prospective buyers some definitive idea about the new device and its features. The company’s last endeavor, the Samsung Galaxy S4, did not do as well in sales as predicted, so Samsung is relying on this model to have more success this time around.

The Samsung Galaxy s5’s future enemy, the iPhone 6, it is speculated to likely have a large consumer base with previous iPhone 5 users, who will just be finishing their two-year contracts when the new phone is released. The iPhone 5, which is no longer sold by Apple, was released in Fall of 2012. Apple’s iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C were released a year later, this past September, and Samsung is just now at the point of aiming to outdo the iPhone S5 with the Samsung Galaxy S5, but there is already speculation about what Apple’s iPhone 6 will look like and what Samsung may have to do in order to catch up with it.

By Laura Clark


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  1. RogerORobie   February 23, 2014 at 8:49 pm

    koreans always a step or two behind…..
    iphone 6 will overshadow this cheap thing in a few months…

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