Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Finally Here! [Photos]

samsung galaxy s5

Samsung Galaxy S5 is finally here after the company’s CEO J. K. Shin unveiled its latest flagship smartphone during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The Android smartphone looks like it has listened to users’ prayers and went back to basics, but the launch could not be complete without a premiere: the first integrated heart-rate monitor in a smartphone. Another first for smartphones is represented by the pairing between a fifth-generation Wi-Fi and Long Term Evolution (LTE) cellular connection in order to accelerate Samsung Galaxy S5’s overall download speeds.

The integrated fingerprint scanner which has been rumored to directly compete with Apple’s TouchID sensor has also been revealed, but the notable difference between the two companies is that Samsung incorporated it on-screen, right above the home button. The user must swipe the finger to unlock the phone, but also to log in to apps like PayPal and to protect files and settings from the curious eyes of others. Irrespective of prior expectations, Samsung Galaxy S5 is finally here and it has given reply to all the users’ questions and rumors.


Samsung’s new flagship smartphone will become available starting April 11 in 150 countries, and although the pricing still remains unknown, some experts claim that $200 with a two-year contract would sound fair.

Good Looks, Great Specs

Samsung calls its new smartphone’s look “modern glam” thanks to the new, perforated back which, although resembles the Galaxy Note 3, aims at simplicity and overall nice design. Samsung Galaxy S5 is finally here and it comes in a pleasant color palette that gives it extra visual finesse: white, gold, blue and black.

samsung galaxy s5

Even if some users expected an aluminium-made back, the cover is still polycarbonate, but the design is more flattering. The phone is also water- and dust-proof and although the smartphone should not be submerged underwater, it can be used it in the bathtub.

Screen and Battery

Samsung Galaxy S5 features a new 5.1-inch OLED display, which means it is a bit larger that S4’s 5-inch display, but the resolution is still at 1080p. The novelty is represented by environment-specific features, which allow the phone to adjust its brightness to the lighting conditions. The new smartphone comes with an extra low dimming mode, so that people’s attention will not be attracted by the phone’s screen in dark rooms.

As far as battery is concerned, Samsung Galaxy S5 allows users to surf the Internet for up to ten hours over a LTE cellular connection or 12 hours for video playback. An “ultra power saving” mode shuts down all the features and only allows the essential ones to carry on; the screen will also go black and white so that the last drop of battery will be used on whatever the user wants, not on appearance.

samsung galaxy s5

The company also promises that the last 10 percent of the battery will be enough to last for 24 hours.

Samsung Galaxy S5’s camera has also received a boost from 13 megapixels to 16 and autofocus speed has been enhanced. The latest flagship smartphone is also capable of shooting 4K video and a real-time high dynamic range (HDR) will allow users to compare a HDR-enhanced photo with a non-HDR variant of the same image.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is finally here and although users will have to wait until April 11 to purchase the company’s latest smartphone, at least all questions have been answered and all rumors have been debunked with regard to its specs, looks and release day.

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