Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date to Be Announced at Unpacked 5 Feb 24 Event

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Samsung released a tweet regarding an “Unpacked 5” event scheduled to take place in Barcelona later this month, rumors suggest it may be for the welcome of the Galaxy S5. The February 24th event issued a YouTube link with the time, but nothing else was included with the reveal.

Last year during Samsung’s event, the Galaxy S4 was welcomed and this past fall at a similar Unpacked event, the Galaxy Note 3 and its companion the Galaxy Gear were unveiled. Early last month Bloomberg interviewed the executive vice president of mobile business from Samsung, Lee Young Hee. Hee stated consumers will be able to find the Galaxy S5 and a new model of the Galaxy Gear on shelves in April.

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Hee confirmed to Bloomberg, consumers have expected an announcement of new devices each year “around March and April,” the devices are released. A pattern Hee expects to continue in 2014. Hee also shared the Galaxy Gear’s newer model is formulated with “advanced functions,” additionally the watch will be slimmed down. The Unpacked 5 event will hopefully rouse sales for Samsung, since it is facing weaker than normal profit growths. The announcement of the Galaxy S5 may spur intrigue off the tail-end of the iPhone 5S.

What can consumers expect for specs and features of the slated Galaxy S5? It seems Samsung is hinting at “iris recognition technology.” Hee states fans and consumers are showing a huge interest in the technology, but Hee did not allude if it may be found on the Galaxy S5. If so, it could bump interest over iPhone’s fingerprint sensor.  In not really great news, it is also suggested if the retina scanner is not on the phone, a fingerprint scanner may be included.

Rumors suggest Samsung might be replacing the polycarbonate bodies for a metal one – earlier leaks showed a metal frame. If the replacement comes to fruition, consumers will be thrilled. Plastic has long been criticized.

Could this leak mark the Galaxy S5 for metal?
Could this leak mark the Galaxy S5 for metal?

While Samsung leads the industry in big screens (check out the Galaxy Mega), it is not likely the Galaxy S5 will receive a huge increase in screen. There is suggestion the corners would be rounded, allowing more screen room. Additional rumors suggest Samsung will opt for a removal of the hardware buttons, but that rumor is still in the air. The resolution will be a jaw-dropping 2560 x 1440 560-ppi. Will Samsung be introducing a competitor against Apple’s 64-bit chip? Potentially. It is with high hopes Samsung will be equipping the phone with the 64-bit version of the Exynos 6 chip.

Samsung is a leader in camera technology, typically housing advanced specs on their mobile devices. It seems the Galaxy S5 will also be developed with big in mind. The S5 will reportedly be equipped with a 16-megapixel camera with an optical image stabilizer. Expected are boosted features from their current lineup. The Galaxy Gear is expected to be lighter, more compact and developed with more integrative features.

The Unpacked 5 event will be featured on YouTube for consumers to view the newest and greatest news from Samsung. The release of the Galaxy S5 is expected to be announced during the event as well. For a final bit of interesting news, it appears Samsung has submitted a design this past fall in South Korea for smart eyeglasses that processes a phone call. Could the future 2015 Unpacked event be coming with better than ever Samsung technology? Thoughts? Share in the comments.


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