Samsung Is Going to Announce the S5 Today [Video]


Samsung will be announcing the S5 at the Samsung Unpacked 2014 event taking place today in Barcelona, Spain, which kicks off the Mobile World Congress. The launch will be available on Samsung’s YouTube channel, live at 20:00 PM CET (Central European Time), 2:00 PM EST.

Rumored tech upgrades include the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, possible 3GM RAM, a Fingerprint scanner, Super Quad HD display at 2560×1440 resolution, an increased capacity 2850 mAh battery, a 3 MP jump to a 16MP camera and also, others stating it will be Waterproof.

None of the specifications above are confirmed, and various rumors continue to swirl in the net-space about possibly using each individual fingerprint to scan and not only open the phone, but to open a specific app or function for the phone. When it comes to the unveilings of upgraded technology, the fanciful can sometimes overpower the news of the most realistic and practical. The general rumors also point toward 64bit processing among the conflicted rumors of which processor it will be utilizing; something that has lagged behind for Samsung on this particular product. Whether it is in fact, the same processor found in the Galaxy Note 3 which is essentially older tech, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, or the Exynos 5422 processor which has not hit the market yet, nothing is yet confirmed.

With Samsung returning to Barcelona to announce the S5 today, it is interesting to note that the S2-S3 had been announced in the United States in New York, with attempted-to-be-grand theatrics on Broadway. Reportedly, much of the concern around the tech world is whether or not Samsung is finally refocusing on their products and not on their branding and marketing strategies that have kept their products in solid market share but have never truly, resoundingly, won over the minds of their customers. In comparison to Apple it is a product, not a culture. It looks like this is part of what Samsung is hoping to achieve with this next entry into the Galaxy S.

This weekend, Samsung had unveiled their second generation Galaxy Gear devices, the smart-watch Galaxy 2 and Galaxy 2 Neo, which are compatible with a large variety of Samsung products and services. The watch itself, which was announced this weekend, now sports a dual-core 1GHz processor and  is also being unveiled today.

Techcrunch called Samsung “The H&M of Mobile” because of their ability to produce solid, functional, practical, and cheap products that work. But some argue that Samsung may be overreaching in a similar fashion that had devastated a variety of product lines for Sony. Largely due to Sony’s inability to release new mobile products consistently with minor adjustments to the innovations available. Something that Samsung can easily fall into by going back to events like MWC and pushing away from trade shows as they have been doing.

What Samsung does amazingly well, is sell phones. With their trade agreements in the US with mega-retailers like Best Buy, it is time for them to hit the pavement and refocus on their end-users. The variety of products being released is still pretty consistent, and with a few minor upgrades as well to their TouchWhiz operating system, which is also rumored, Samsung will still thrive. Even with Apple’s departure to TSMC and removing Samsung Group altogether from producing their A8 chips due to their inability to deliver on 20 nanometer manufacturing demands. Samsung announcing the S5 today should be a well received piece of news, and will help assuage the frenzy of rumors and conjecture about some of the practical and fanciful possibilities.

By Emanuel F. Camacho

FOX News
USA Today

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