Samsung Trotted Out Gear Fit at Mobile World Congress


Dogging the heels of the much-anticipated announcement of Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Smartphone was Samsung’s newest reveal.  Spectators lined up to cheer on all the latest mobile advances on Feb. 24, 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona was the playing field of the most recent Mobile World Congress and the one in which Samsung not only showcased their newest Galaxy S5, but also trotted out some of the phone’s compatible gear such as the Gear Fit.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is breaking into the field of fitness tracking with its heart rate monitor. The monitor is located on the back of the phone and is able to track a pulse rate in as little as five seconds. While this phone feature is meant to only be used intermittently, the wearable Gear Fit offers continuous monitoring. The features showcase a plethora of other fitness applications which include an accelerometer, a compass, a sensor which measures proximity, and a barometer. Additionally, the Galaxy S5 is rated with the IP67 military spec, which has previously been reserved for ruggedized phones. This rating makes the Galaxy S5 not only dust-proof but also waterproof with an impressive three meters and 30 minutes of submersion time.

The Gear Fit also enjoys the same PI67 rating as the phone. While the Galaxy S5 phone features some fairly impressive fitness applications, the full experience is available in the wearable unit. The Gear Fit features a 1.84 inch curved AMOLED display. The display resolution is 432 x 128 with 244 pixels per inch. While Samsung has some other wearable devices compatible with the Galaxy S5, the Gear Fit appears to be a more advanced device for those looking to merge fitness and phone. The Gear Fit was possibly the item that Samsung was most hot to trot out and showcase at the World Mobile Congress.

The Gear Fit packs more power than any average fitness tracker but keeps from being as bulky as a Smartwatch. The Samsung Fit will allow the user to enjoy many of the same standard functions as other wearable devices. It syncs to the phone via Bluetooth 4.0 LE and will provide notifications of email, text and calls. Apps such as Samsung’s calendar app will also be supported. This wearable device does many of the same things as Samsung’s Gear 2 Smartwatch, yet it will focus on fitness aspects to a much higher degree.

The Gear Fit packs in coaching software along with the ability to continuously monitor heart rate and count steps. It is worth repeating that it is waterproof for up to three meters or 30 minutes of submersion underwater. For those wishing to not only be kept aware of their fitness regiments but also maintain some semblance of fashion, the Gear Fit comes in three colors. Currently, wristbands will be manufactured in black, grey and orange. The wristband straps are changeable for anyone unable to settle on a single color choice.

The battery life will run as far as the wearer and should last between three and five days.  Other features include such necessities as a stop-watch, a timer and the ability to control music. The Galaxy S5 and the Gear Fit have been set to be available on April 11.  Samsung was intent on winning this latest technological race and proved it when they trotted out the Gear Fit at the Mobile World Congress. A cross between a fitness trainer and a phone, the Gear Fit raises the bar for the competition.

By Dee Mueller

The Washington Post


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