Selena Gomez Enjoys the London Life

Selena GomezSelena Gomez has been enjoying the London life, as she celebrates with One Direction member, Niall Horan. It was just at the start of the weekend that she was spotted leaving L.A. for London and it turns out that it was to let her hair down and celebrate her post-rehab life.

At the start of January, Gomez entered rehab for a 45 day program. However, she only stayed for two weeks, determining that she was happy and ready to get on with her life. Her family, friends and team wanted her to go back, but putting more pressure on her didn’t work. In fact, going public with her stay in rehab seemed to have the opposite effect that her reps wanted. The 21-year-old never wanted the public to know about her stay.

Perez Hilton couldn’t help but make a note of the Instagram photo that she shared with her fans of her drinking an alcoholic drink. He had to point out her recent stay in rehab and the message that it could send to her young fans. However, her reps made it clear that she was never there for substance abuse. She needed help with dealing with her emotional issues; more likely her Justin Bieber issues.

The former Disney star showed that she didn’t want to concentrate on the bad and troubling things that had been going on in her life. Gomez wanted to enjoy the London life to the full and she did it in style.

She hit the city on Monday night dressed a black cropped top, shorts, jacket and tights, finished off with a pair of girly pink stiletto heels. The Come and Get It singer is spending some time looking after herself and definitely deserves it.

At the end of 2013, she announced that she would cancel her upcoming tour dates in Australia and Asia. While she wasn’t suffering a nervous breakdown, she stated that it was clear that she needed to put herself first. Her reps confirmed this when they disclosed her voluntary trip to Dawn at the Meadows in Arizona, stating that she had spent the last seven years either filming movies, doing concerts or dealing with TV appearances. Her reps stated that “she needed a break.”

Gomez has a reason to celebrate too. At the end of January, she was dealing with an intruder. Juan Garcia was arrested for trespassing and chose to plead no contest. He now has a 150 yard restraining order against him when he is released from jail in 120 days. He will also be on probation for the next three years after his release.

During her stay in London, the Spring Breakers star was spotted with 20-year-old Horan. The One Direction fan was recently spotted backstage at a Taylor Swift concert, despite Swift being his band mate’s ex-girlfriend and likely inspiration for her song I Knew You Were Trouble. However, this time he was happily spending time partying in London and helping Gomez enjoy life as a young, free, single and healthy young woman.

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