Seth Rogen’s Alzheimer’s Testimony to Senate


“I want the record to note, this is the first time in any congressional hearing in history that the words knocked up have been used,” were the words that Senator Tom Harkin used to reply to comedian Seth Rogen’s introduction to a Washington Senate meeting held yesterday. In response, Rogen jokingly stated his reason for appearing before the senate, saying that it was not for the legalization of marijuana as many might think, but rather it was to support an issue that he had recently become much more passionate about. In yesterday’s senate meeting, Seth Rogen appeared before the senate to advocate and bear testimony in regard to Alzheimer’s related issues, as a result of the experience he has recently encountered with his mother-in-law.

Rogen began his advocacy for Alzheimer’s with a personal testimony of his personal experiences with Alzheimer’s as a result of his mother-in-law being diagnosed with the disorder. According to Rogen, his wife admitted early in their relationship that there was something wrong with her mother, who actually had developed Alzheimer’s at the age of 55. In attempts to keep the serious matter lighthearted, Rogen then joked that when they realized what it was that he had made the assumption that is was just something that really really old people got. However, as Seth Rogen’s testimony regarding Alzheimer’s Disease continued, the comedian discussed pertinent matters, such as the stigma, assumptions, and other detrimental effects that this mental illness includes. Rogen concluded his testimony with the assertion that his reason for bringing this to Congress was to increase awareness of this life-changing disease.

Following his personal testimony of his personal experiences with Alzherimer’s, Seth Rogen continued by reiterating his reasons for appearing in front of the Senate with the following statement, “I’m here today for several reasons. First and foremost, I am an enormous fan of House of Cards. Secondly, people just need help. Personally I’ve experienced the enormous financial burden that this disease places on a family. Reason three, to spread awareness that we are not alone, in an attempt for more people to share their stories.”

Seth Rogen then elaborated on how his experiences with the disease had impacted him to the point of forcing him to take the actions that he has. In attempts to further spread awareness of Alzheimer’s disease, both 31-year-old Seth Rogen and his wife have decided to create the charity cause that he calls “Hilarity for Charity.” According to Rogen, this charity has been designed to educate teens on the issue as part of an ambitious goal to create changes in the stigma that has been associated with the disease. Rogen finished this part of his speech with significant words when he noted, “This has become of such dire importance to me that it enabled a lazy, selfish, seemingly self-medicated manchild to create an entire charity organization.” It is Rogen’s hope that his dreams are actualized in that the organization is no longer needed, so that he can return to being a lazy, selfish, self-medicated manchild.

On a much more serious note however, in Seth Rogen’s Alzheimer’s testimony before the Senate, Rogen concluded with, ” Alzheimer’s is a word that Americans whisper, but it is one that needs to be yelled.” Prior to yesterday’s hearing, Seth Rogen had been extremely active in the Alzheimer’s outreach for many years, which is why Rogen was brought in to discuss the matter. As this was mentioned in the hearing Rogen joked,  “Thank you for the opportunity to be called the expert in something, because that’s cool.”

By Aaron Weis




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