Sex May Not Sell: Students Turning to Tough Prostitution Economy


An increasing number of students in the United Kingdom are turning to the tough prostitution economy in order to pay down loans and avoid the crippling debts that can come with post-secondary education.  They are learning that sex may not sell as well as it used to as the market becomes saturated with students, the unemployed and the prostitutes themselves struggling to pay for rent and groceries.

In fact, many massage parlors and private flats are being shut down in the wake of the apparent employment crisis in the sex trade.  Prostitutes are saying that it has become difficult to make money in a market now plugged with many others who are driven to make money in the wake of the economic issues that continue to plague the planet.  Sex has apparently become a commodity for which men and women alike are now unable to pay for; considered a luxury, paying for sex is now taking a back seat to simple survival.

Students are now making upwards of £1,000 a week, with some charging anywhere from £40 to £450 an hour for a variety of “jobs”.  The English Collective of Prostitutes notes that many of these students are working for themselves or through any one of a number of online agencies.  They estimate that the number of calls to their help line has risen by about a third since 2011.

While students appear to be making a success at forays into the sex trade, the fact of the matter is from a financial standpoint is that sex may not sell the way it once did.  Students are turning to stints in a tough prostitution economy in order to pay off school loans, but there is still a great number of those in the sex trade who are having to drop prices in order to make ends meet and keep their business alive.

One madam who runs six escorts in the United Kingdom says that people would be shocked at the number of students who are engaging in the sex trade and that the numbers of students entering the trade as a way of survival has tripled in the last few years.  Escort Charlotte Fox, who has 200,000 Twitter followers, says that many students turn to the sex trade as a means of making more money in one hour than they could make in eight hours.

Current estimates are that there is 20 percent of the current student population working as lap dancers, and according to the United Kingdom’s National Union of Students, it isn’t just the sex trade that is seeing a sudden influx of workers from student bodies.  Students are also becoming involved in medical experiments and gambling as fast ways to make cash in order to pay for their education.

Government reforms have meant that universities in the United Kingdom could charge upwards of £9,000 annually, which means the pinch is truly on students to find a steady source of money in order to fund their education.  With some 800 applicants for one job on a high-street bar, many students are considering careers in the sex trade as viable options for making money.  In fact, Fox notes that many students are viewing sex-for-hire assignments as paid one-night stands.

As for the prostitutes currently struggling to make ends meet due to rising rent costs and energy bills, they have learned that sex may not sell as well as it used to in a tough prostitution economy.  The current influx of the unemployed and students who are turning to prostitution to make their way in the world and to pay off loans means there is an untenable glut in the market that has caused prostitutes to struggle to survive, more so than they have ever done before.

By Christina St-Jean


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7 Responses to "Sex May Not Sell: Students Turning to Tough Prostitution Economy"

  1. Charles Frost   June 1, 2014 at 5:23 am

    The title should also be changed into “Female students turning to tough prostitution economy”, since I’ve known only a single man in my life that could sell sex, and it took him 30 years to get to that level (because I think we all know how picky women can be), compared to women who can go into sex-selling industry at any time between 18 to 40 without having to conform to absurd standards of the opposite gender, being men. (and if they did, they were paid respectively into the hundred or thousands of quids).

  2. Paul Murray   June 1, 2014 at 5:01 am

    “Current estimates are that there is 20 percent of the current student population working as lap dancers”
    20 percent of female students, or of all students? Perhaps this is why these days, there are more young women than men in higher education. The men lack a quick and easy way to pay for it.
    If it’s 20% of all students, and 60% of students are female, this means you can go down to your local institute of learning, look about, and consider that one in three of the young women you see are on the game. If these figures are accurate, then your musty old belichened seat of learning is whore central. Oh muse of philosophy! How far art thou fallen!

  3. Bicky (@bickyms)   February 10, 2014 at 10:23 am

    So it is true that no one choose prostitution, somehow they are forced to choose

    • Franco (@Francostars1)   February 11, 2014 at 5:54 am

      It is wrong. Prostitution can be a free choice to get money. It is impossible to consider a slave who choses this work to live, otherwise the most of other workers all over the World should be cosidered salves!

      • Franco (@Francostars1)   February 11, 2014 at 5:55 am

        Sorry! …..considered slaves!

        • Hector   March 28, 2014 at 3:38 pm

          Not necessarily, the additional cash can keep them from borrowing so much. So it’s more of a convenience then anything else. What’s the difference anyway, either buy her a few drinks and take her home, or just pony up some good hard currency and achieve the same result.

  4. Franco (@Francostars1)   February 10, 2014 at 6:23 am

    Prostitution is sex by low cost and it is carried out by the women’s reluctance to sex against the contrary way of men. This one is a natural thing. In fact, prostitution has always existed and it is a profitable business.
    Moreover, if it is made by adult and consentient people it is a right of a sex way choice and it must be respected in a democratic society.

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