Shia LaBeouf Purple Socks Brown Paper Bag Attention Seeker or Point?

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Shia LeBeouf felt like making a few statements during a press conference for his latest movie, Nymphomaniac: Volume I. The devil-may-care actor showed up to the initial press conference sporting an eyebrow raising outfit which consisted of brown cords, olive colored boots and bright purple socks. His grungy wear seemed to scream of craving attention, although he only made a statement prior to departing from the press conference to head for a brown paper bag. Within the realm of all things Shia, is he simply an attention seeker or is he making a point?

Shia's "bad boy" attire. Nice socks.
Shia’s “bad boy” attire. Nice socks.

The former Transformers actor has always maintained his branded potty mouth but was well received by fans. Lately, his behavior is coming across as erratic and primarily, embarrassing for his fellow co-stars. During a traditionally scheduled conference for a movie press release, Shia turned all eyes on him instead of the movie’s representation. A mere 10 minutes into the conference, Shia uttered a quote used by French footballer Eric Cantona in 1995. In a dramatic and almost eye-rolling effect, Shia uttered about seagulls following the trawler. He paused, sipped some water, wiped beads of the drink from his goatee and completed the quote. He muttered “thank you very much,” rose from his chair and left.

Reports indicated his co-stars applauded his “bold” move but pictures do not lie. After Shia departed from the conference with his “hell on wheels” cap, co-stars Uma Thurman and Christian Slater looked notably uncomfortable. Slater looks as if he is touching his brow in embarrassment. After he escaped from the room with his olive boots and purple socks, Shia later continued to make a splash. The actor appeared on the red carpet cleaned up. His shoes shined, his suit fit well, except for one flaw on the outfit. Shia was now sporting a brown paper bag labeled “I’m not famous anymore.”

The Berlin Film Festival is a time for actors to enjoy themselves and immerse in the love and appreciation of attendees. Instead Shia decided to take ownership by dominating the evening further with his questionable antics. Previously, the star promised to retire from the public life – perhaps these motions are his final exit leading to the promise. Shia may have his reservations when it comes to the acting circuit, but he does owe it to his co-stars to remain sort of put together. Otherwise, there are millions of people looking to become an overnight sensation in Hollywood.

Nymphomaniac: Volume I surrounds the live of a self-diagnosed nympho (Charlotte Gainsbourg) who remembers her erotic experiences. She shares the stories of eroticism with a man (Stellan Skarsgard) who finds and saves her after she was viciously beaten. The movie has received nominations from the Denmark Bodil awards. Thurman has received a Best Supporting Actress nod, and Gainesbourg received an award for Best Actress.

Shia's co-stars look uncomfortable
Shia’s co-stars looked uncomfortable after he walked off the stage

Volume II is expected to arrive closer to the spring, alluding to the possibility more conferences will be on their way. Will Shia continue to act out childishly? Or will he come to understand when presenting a brand or movie company to provide the same level of respect any working employee is mandated to show? One could only imagine the fierce consequences if they showed up to their office job unkempt, made a sardonic comment to clients and walked out of the conference. Much too often, celebrities enter a realm not embedded within the reality of consequence.

Shia certainly decided to make some aspect of a point or perhaps seek attention at the latest conference for the upcoming release of, Nymphomaniac: Volume I. From purple socks to the brown paper bag on the red carpet – what do readers think Shia’s possible point truly was? Share in the comments thoughts on Shia’s latest antics.


Angelina Bouc

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