Shirley Temple Who Sparkled in Hollywood and the World, Dies

Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple Black, the Hollywood child star died last night, she was 85. What a career she had as notably the most known child actor of all time. Shirley Temple, who sparkled in Hollywood from her immense talent and fame, became known worldwide.

At age three she started her acting career and was paid an unprecedented amount per movie. She made $50,000 per movie, back in the 1930’s. For almost twenty years she acted and sang and danced. Tap dancing was her specialty. Her adorable looks and cute curls is what won the crowds over and yet her bright eyes, which shone right into the hearts of millions of fans, kept them around for more.

20th Century Fox kept reeling the films out with hits. Her talent was highlighted in features such as “Little Miss Marker” (1934), “Curly Top (1935), and “The Littlest Rebel” (1935). Even with giants such as Clark Gable and Bing Crosby, she was the most popular one of the day. For four years running, 1935-1938, her career saw the lights shine brighter than any other stars, even during the Great Depression. The country soaked it up with her up beat attitude and smile.

Shirley TempleShirley Temple and 20th Century Fox ended their relationship in 1940.

Who retires at age 22? Shirley Temple Black did after she married Charles Black. Later, she would embark upon a a long career, again in the public eye. For 23 years, she would serve as a foreign diplomat beginning a whole new career.

Shirley Temple Black served in the United Nations as a US delegate from 1967-1974, became an ambassador to Ghana, from 1974-1976, and later served as US ambassador in the country of Czechoslovakia from 1989-1992. She was an actor (performer) who sparkled in Hollywood and a diplomat in the world, yet a mother, grandmother and wife. Shirley Temple was honored with lifetime achievement awards. That would be plural, as in two. Both were for her career in showbiz.

Here’s another achievement probably many don’t know about; she successfully overcame a breast cancer diagnosis and had a mastectomy in 1972.

Shirley Temple was the ‘bright eyed, dimpled’ little darling in the movie business. She died just before 11pm at home with her family at her bedside. She will be remembered as more than the slightly precocious actress, singing, “On The Good Ship Lollipop.” In her second career she insisted upon being taken seriously and that she was all grown up.

She was married twice, 1st time at age 17 and had a daughter. She married again and had two children. She worked for the Republican Party as a volunteer and did two TV series, which were short lived. She even ran for Congress in California, unsuccessfully, but did help Nixon raise $2million for his campaign. In her foreign afairs, she felt the international community liked her and considered her, due to her fame and movies, like someone they knew, a friend.

Shirley TempleShirley Temple Blacks mother had a slight hand in her daughter’s future. She taught her to sing and dance to music, later she curled her hair like Mary Pickford. At age 3, she put her in dance school, where Judy Garland danced. Back then, the Our Gang, a comedy was a hit. She didn’t get the part in that but after bit parts for two years her mother contracted with 20th Century Fox and the race was on. Merchandise for Shirley Temple, such as dolls, dishes, clothes and books with 14 covers on magazines secured the little girls spot. Her mother would say, “Sparkle Shirley, sparkle!” and she did in Hollywood and the world.

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